Adjustable Rake Fork is on the bike

It works! I put the fork on the bike and went for a short ride and all is good. I had to rummage through a friend’s garage to find a larger disc rotor (185 instead of the 160), but now there’s definitely good coverage from 40mm of rake to 70mm.  The fork is 470 axle to crown, the frame was built for a longer suspension fork so the head tube angle is now 70.5 degrees.  The bottom bracket dropped 1/4″ maybe. With 40mm of rake the bike will have 88mm of trail and at 70mm of rake it’ll have 53mm of trail.  I’m trying out 45mm right now which is 82mm of trail and feels good but I think I may like something more around 85mm of trail…more updates later as I try it out with more rake variations.  I’ll also have to find some stuff to jump off and test my build!

You can see that I didn’t tap any set screws in the dropouts. I didn’t think I could do it right so I opted for some Surly ‘chain tensioners’ which work really well! Just have to make sure to set the set screws on them equally.  They also serve as a bottle opener…

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    1. It’s been a long time since I wrote this blog but I did have 1 of those Surly tensioners on each dropout so it was evenly spaced on each side. Is that what you were asking?

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