RivBomb copy is done

Frame numero 2 is done.  I finished it yesterday after the final braze-ons, polishing, and clear-coat. I had to dismantle the Surly Cross-check to get the parts to build it up…and still don’t have the right front derailleur (again).  The water bottle boss is again in the way but it’s mostly because I don’t have a newer top-pull mount.  This bike will be a jalopy of sorts in it’s build – good and comfortable for long rides on dirt roads and trail.  The chainstays are 467mm…not a wheelie machine whatsoever! But it’s just not meant to be that type of bike.  It’s meant to be loaded with gear (67mm of front-end trail – way low for a mtb but should be good for front panniers), and stable at speed (8cm BB drop, long-ish wheelbase).  I’m betting it’s a true Cadillac.

The seat collar is a regular Nova brazed-on binder but turned forward.  I’m still putting way too much silver into my brazons but getting better.  These are nice because the bolt is replaceable.  Not the lightest collar around but has a great look to it.

I’m also putting way too much brass into my dropouts but I’d rather be safe at this point.  I file more, but they are solid.  I definitely am ‘getting it’ more though – the torch with a number 2 is way more powerful and heats up the dropout faster so I’m out of there quicker.  I’m digging brass brazing even if it takes much longer to clean up.

These dropouts are weird.  I like their practicality, but mountain the Avid BB-7 mechanical discs was a pain.  Forget about major adjustments out on the trail.  They’re great if you are going to be running rear panniers and disc brakes though…and want a replaceable hanger (I don’t…but it’s all they come with).  These ones are the “Expedition” model from Paragon.  They’re friggin heavy! There’s a lighter version with those inset areas mitered out which looks really cool and saves a lot of weight.  The chainstay mounted disc is also supposedly going to help brake squeal…we’ll see about that.  More later as this bike gets ridden…which may be awhile since it’s STILL snowing here.  This is one of the coldest and wettest May’s on record.

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