CX fork numero uno

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My first cross fork is all done! It went pretty smoothly. I got the Dedaccai unmitered blades, steerer, & dropouts from Nova. I dig the dropouts, they are plug-style and have a breather hole already drilled. They are slight – very light…but should be great for a cross fork. I silver brazed the dropouts in after aligning the unicrown blades on the flattest surface I have, then used my half-ass horizontal mill to miter the fork legs.  It didn’t turn out so well this time as it’s not the most rigid of fixtures, so I basically had to file, file, file until all fit well.

The fork has 48m of rake and is a total copy of the Indy-Fab fork – since the frame is also a direct copy of the “old” IF Planet Cross 54cm frame (when they made stock sizes).

This was the first time I used the Henry James bridge and brake boss jig for a fork. Super easy to use and very very cool! I had to file the boss inserts a bit to get them to fit – a really tight fit or my brake bosses were a bit oversized…not sure which one.  But after that, the measurement is a snap.  The fork fits right into the rear ‘Universal Axle’ of the Access 65 frame jig and the brake/bridge jig fits right onto that with a 6mm bolt attached at the axle.  To tack the bosses on, i laid the fork down so that the steerer was hitting the bottom bracket post (see photo) and was able to rotate the jig around to get good access.  Fork weighs 772g (1.7 lbs) which is pretty damned light for a steel fork! Carbon cross forks are only 100 – 200 grams lighter than that.  The steerer is super bomber so with a lighter one it could be a bit less but not sure i’d want anything lighter for a cross fork!

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