Wishbone with a bend

I tried something different on the wishbone stay for this frame. I put a bend in the 1/2″ (4130 x 0.035″) legs with my oak fork blade bender (7″ radius).  I’m just starting the learning on bending, so although this doesn’t look as sweet as a larger radius bend (i.e, Retrotec)…it’s the best I could do sans the right-sized mandrel.  I almost tried bending with an old rim but just didn’t give it a whirl.

All said, this process of this wishbone stay from cutting, mitering, fitting, welding, brazing, cleaning, probably took 5 hours broken up over three days. Yep, it’s a lot of time for just seat stays. They’re are not super complicated stays to make, but without a custom fixture it takes much longer, and I hand-mitered everything but the main crown pieces. It’s pretty amazing how much easier 4130 is to file than tubing made just for bike frames and especially heat treated tubing. It’s so much softer, you have to be careful not to take too much off.

I’m trying to get set up in Flickr more since it does offer a lot to SEE people’s process without the rambling blog (heh)…but we’ll see how it sticks.

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