Seatstays are a total PITA…

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…and these are one of the easiest types you can do! More on a later post about my trials and errors on mitering the seatstays, but here’s the semi-finished product. I also added the chainstay photo-process too since I forgot to post that when I did it last weekend.

I dig the way these half-fastback seatstays turned out. Classic look, functional, no bending and still plenty of tire clearance (almost 1cm about on either side of a 35mm tire). I am learning to love fillet brazing more each time I do it (because I’m getting better at it).  I can actually push and pull the brass to my liking, and lay it down where i want it to go in the first place mostly.  Still much room for improvement, but i barely have to file anything away on these and the dropouts.  It did get a bit hot in places so you can see some burnt flux (black spots) as well as some discolored brass meaning it got too hot in a couple spots, but those are details for at this point. It’ll stand the test of time just fine.  Some more brazeons to finish before finishing this frame, and then I still gotta make a unicrown fork to go with it.  I’m set up to miter the unicrown on the mill this time with a big ole ball tipped end mill. Should be a fun weekend.

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