Sputnik chainstay mitering fixture – SOLD


I bought this chainstay mitering fixture in 2011 for approx. $800 total with:

  • 3 sets of tubing blocks size = 2 of the 30×16 (one square and one with rounded corners) and one 26×18. ($200). The newer rounded corner 30/16 fit better than the squared edge blocks for MTB s-bend stays like True Temper (HSBENDCS1) and Dedacciai. The 26×18 fits the single bend True Temper chainstays (HOX4CS). (Was $100 extra for each tube block set.)
  • Hooded/Wright/Breezer dropout blocks, and tab-style dropout blocks. (was $100 additional for the 2nd style of dropout blocks.)
  • Custom tapped angle plate for use on a vertical milling machine. (was an extra $55 for this.)

This is the older version of this fixture, the new version is seen here. It’s in excellent shape. I used it to miter 16 sets of chainstays. The only modification is that I drilled and tapped M5 holes for 170mm axle spacing.

I would like to sell everything for $550 plus shipping. Thanks for looking.

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