Jason’s Ti gravel bike

Jason bought my personal MTB a couple of years ago and loves it. We are almost the same dimensions so it fit him really well. It also convinced him to get in the queue for another bike. For the new bike he was looking for an adventure bike for rides from home that have a bit of everything. This is the beauty of the “gravel” bike — it’s the desert island bike for many of us. One day it’s an allroad with slicks, the next day it’s a gravel bike with some knobs, and another day it can be your dirtdrop adventure bike loaded up with gear to head out for an overnighter.

He named the bike “Houdini” since he said it’s “pure magic to ride.” Can’t get a better review than that! Titanium is more expensive than steel but it really does have a magic carpet ride quality at a lighter weight. This bike has a lot of Northern California-built parts that he patiently waited many months to arrive including a White Industries G30 cranks and T47 bottom bracket, Paul’s Klampers, Tall & Handsome seatpost, and Boxcar stem, and a Phil Wood seat tube collar. The last minute find of a Chris King Matte Mango headset really topped off the build. We used an Easton EC90 carbon wheelset, ENVE Adventure fork, and Shimano GRX 2×11. The frame will fit 700×54’s or 44’s with fenders, and has bosses to fit a Tumbleweed T-rack for touring. Geometry was designed to be comfortable, not twitchy but steady and ready for all day rides and events or races such as the Grinduro. The fork’s flip chip sets the rake/offset at 55 or 49mm depending on what mode the bike is in: a little more trail for adventure rides and a little less for road and gravel. There’s something about raw Ti and orange ano…I really dig this look and may have to copy it on my next personal bike 🙂

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