Whit TRT
That is not the right direction

Meriwether” was a nickname given to me long ago by a friend that appreciated my love for old paper maps and finding new routes in places we loved to explore. That usually involved getting lost and bushwhacking but we always found our way homes with a smile.  If you don’t know who Meriwether Lewis is (of Lewis and Clark) go read the Corps of Discovery journals and find out. Meriwether Lewis was the expedition’s naturalist who documented new species of plants and animals and was the primary route-finder.

I guess I’m getting old now having been riding bikes since the late 1970’s and mountain bikes since the early ’80’s, having grown up at the base of Mt. Tam in Marin County, CA…this sport is in my blood.  I couldn’t quit if I wanted to. I’ve raced MTB and Cross professionally in the 90’s and toured a bunch in the 2000’s.

I learned to build bike frames in 2010 from a master framebuilder in Denver and since then I have logged countless hours in the shop putting serious sweat equity into this trade. Meriwether Cycles, LLC was established in 2013 I produce around 24 frames a year.  My wide range of cycling experiences enable me to figure out what is best for each individual rider and the goals they want to achieve with a fully custom bike. I focus more on the nuts and bolts than the painting and pictures. But I appreciate a beautifully painted bike like the rest of ’em and if you’re willing to fork out the extra cash I’ll gladly send it off for that finish only the specialists can provide.

I include you in the whole build process, from your body dimensions to what you plan to do with the bike and all that means for the placement of racks, bottles, bosses, and so much more.  I don’t build stock bikes, I build a bike for you, and because of that it’ll be different than any other bike on the planet.

If you’re interested contact us at: meriwethercycles at gmail dot com