*Prices are for the frame only*

GRAVEL BIKE – Steel $2000, Titanium $3000

MTB & DIRTDROP – Steel $2200, Titanium $3200

FATBIKE – Steel $2200, Titanium $3200

THE OTHERS – Steel starts at $2500, Titanium starts at $3500

Additional costs to the base frame price will be calculated in the design process when upgrades are requested. Upgrades include: internal cable routing ($25 per port for steel, $50 for Ti), portage handle ($50 for steel, $100 for Ti), Pinion gearbox, tapered head tube (44mm ID is standard), greater than 10 bottle bosses per frame, frame breakaway couplers, or any oddball request like elevated chainstays or twin top tubes.

We do not repair or restore other manufacturer’s frames, sorry.

Email: meriwethercycles at gmail dot com