For the second time in a month my Instagram account was suspended because it didn’t follow their community guidelines… no warning just gone and I have no idea why. The first time I disagreed and someone emailed apologizing for the mistake. The second time they asked for a verification selfie holding a piece of paper... Continue Reading →

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tbt 2015: Stu’s fatbike/29+

Stu wanted a fatbike for winter riding but also a frameset that would work with a second 29x3 wheelset for summer riding and to use as a bikepacking rig. The look with the bent top tube and arched wishbone seatstays was a design I did a lot of in the early years and works well... Continue Reading →

Pete’s Ti 29+

This is Pete's 2nd Meriwether, the first being a steel fatbike frameset and rear rack for winter adventures or summertime desert wandering. This new frame is similar in geometry to his fatbike also having a long head tube for the upright position he favors and big framebag space for storage. The new frame of course... Continue Reading →

TBT 2015: Smitty’s fatbike

I built a lot of fatbikes in 2015 and here was one with a glow-in-the-dark clear coat. Pretty sweet idea for night riding! The low standover frame fit 26x4.8's and is still ridden to this day in the Colorado high country in winter.

TBT 2015. Torsten’s 29+

This was my first customer from another country, Torsten in Germany. I haven't received any new photos but these are from his first ride and then from his first tour in Oman. He wanted the frame raw and got it painted with a carbon fork near him so I never got to see this awesome... Continue Reading →

TBT 2015: Russell’s 29er

Because I switched over in 2014 to another website that i switched back from in 2018, I am going to post a TBT photo of each bike I built in that missing 4 year time period that doesn't have a Build Report (assuming i have a photo for the complete build). So here goes. First... Continue Reading →

Mike’s Ti singlespeed

This winter when i was laid up in bed recovering from surgery on my knee, I put out a call for help in finding a physical therapist that would help me get back to doing what I love to do. There are a lot of PT's and chains out there but i wanted someone like... Continue Reading →

Slow and Sandy…

Dylan wrote up his trip on the Anne Beadell Highway in Australia, a tour that's been in the making for years. I built his frame, fork, and two racks in 2018 before he moved down there and it was by far the biggest endeavor i'd undertaken so I'm happy to see it carried him and... Continue Reading →

Jay’s Klunkpacker

Jay is the proprietor of YouBet bikes in Nevada City, CA. Kurt of YouBet also got a bike but of the Ti gravel type, and I just wrote a build report of his wife Carrie's 650 steel gravel bike! Full house of Meriwether's there! Jay's bike started with some very rough hand drawn sketches on... Continue Reading →

Carrie’s 650 gravel bike

Building smaller frames is a challenge and one of the best reasons for people go custom. Seems like most my customers are at the ends of the bell curve on height. For the smaller frames especially standover matters and steepening seat tube angle actually does something more than check that box on the latest trend.... Continue Reading →

Powers new gravel ride

This bike is adding to AP's quiver of Meriwether's and likely replacing the lugged fork crown cross bike I made several years ago before disc brakes had caught now she has flat-mounts and can stop! The frame is made a mix of tubing sources but the front triangle is Reynolds 853, the downtube is... Continue Reading →

Laura’s Ti fatbike

Laura's has a couple of steel Meriwether's - one blue fatbike made several years ago with a custom rigid fork, and a 27.5+ MTB in a sparkly pink & leopard outfit. This new fatbike replaces the blue one and as you can see she upped her game asking for a reproduction of the OG Rhygin... Continue Reading →

June’s steel cross-gravelbike

Before the recent Gravelbike explosion, cyclocross bikes were used to ride almost anywhere - long road rides, bikepaths, singletrack, dirt roads, and all on 700x34's which by today's standards is very small. They're not that much different in geometry except for a little lower BB height, a little longer and slacker front end, maybe a... Continue Reading →

Scott’s Ti 29er

Scott's Ti 29er is just a regular ole MTB. It's not downcountry, doesn't claim to have forward geometry, it isn't super slack or super short, it doesn't fit any new geometry trend. It's just a well-tested geometry for XC and all-around trail riding. The frame will fit a 2.6" tire with the Rocker dropouts forward... Continue Reading →

Doug’s fade to black

Doug was one of the first to buy a Meriwether Metallica shirt and thanks to Covid-cash a year or so later put down a deposit on a Ti gravel frame. He had a pretty solid idea of what he wanted for geometry and fit, wanting to improve upon his current bike and get it made... Continue Reading →

Paul’s 29+

Paul's sea foam green 29 plus bike is his 2nd Meriwether, the first being a fatbike some years ago. He lives in a relatively far away land, in the great white north, a place that I visited for the 24 hours of light bike event 20 years ago before building bikes. It's a place i'd... Continue Reading →

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