tbt Chris’ klunk

Chris has a few Meriwether's but this is my favorite. Built as a 27.5plus or 29x2.5 with the seen sleeved unicrown fork. It's got Rocker dropouts, internal port in the downtube for a dropper post, and one of my favorite greens but I'd have chosen orange decals and bits 🙂

tbt Bones to Blue

I'm not sure why i didn't write this up back in 2017, just for simplicity I'll just add captions to the photos. Bones to Blue is a bikepacking event/race that starts in Truckee, CA and rides up and over Donner Pass, than around Lake Tahoe on the bike-accessible sections of the Tahoe Rim Trail, and... Continue Reading →

tbt Erik’s 29/27.5+

This is Erik's 1st of 3 bikes, another repeat offender. Back in 2015, the combo of 29/27.5+ was all the rage because Bikepacking was also becoming popular and having a frame that could fit a plus tire for touring while a narrower 29" tire for daily trail use was very appealing. I'd say the majority... Continue Reading →

tbt Andrew’s 27.5+

Andrew started Bedrock Bags some years ago and I've had a handful (bag-ful?) of bags made by him over the years. I learned of Bedrock when visiting a friend in Durango in 2014 when we stopped in at Revolution Cycles and chatting with Joey who now happens to work at Bedrock too. The bike is... Continue Reading →

Tim’s Ti gravel bike

Tim is getting himself a nice 50th birthday present here with a Ti gravel bike with Shimano GRX, ENVE stem, seatpost, fork, and G23 wheels. The blue bits include a White Industries headset which matches pretty nicely with the Wolftooth seat tube collar and bar tape on Ritchey Butano bars. It's hard to find a... Continue Reading →

tbt Craig’s fatbike/29+

Craig's fat/29+ is a true multi-purpose overlander that calls the PNW it's home. He swaps between 26x4.8" or 29x3" wheelsets depending on the ride and conditions. I built it with a sleeved unicrown fat fork but it has suspension-adjusted geometry for a 120mm fork. The powdercoat is so awesome when it hits the sunlight...

Ron’s Ti 27.5plus

Ron was convinced to give a Meriwether a try by his good friend Dale who has been riding a Ti 27.5 for a few years. We had a bit of a delay (understatement) in the Shimano parts arriving because of the Covid supply shortage, but eventually enough parts arrived and I was able to find... Continue Reading →

Sue’s Snackpacker

Sue spends a ton of time on her bike at home and around the world. She's up in AK and was influenced by Nick's pink bike some years ago. Before this bike she had a Mone' La Roca and loved it but wanted a little longer version to fit her better and get a little... Continue Reading →

tbt Sean’s singlespeed fatbike

That one is a crazy lookin frame! There isn't another like it out there with the curved wishbone seatstays. Sean wanted a frame and fork for his riding around central Alaska. It's suspension adjusted geometry, high BB to clear all that snow, has rear rack mounts, short chainstays with Rocker dropouts, and fits 26x4.8's, 29x3's,... Continue Reading →

Jason’s klunkpacker

Jason's steel frame and fork are built for the long haul with a classic klunker look. He requested a frame geometry he knew he loved, but with adjustable dropouts to modify chainstay length and wheelbase. Frame and fork have lots of bosses to attach water and bags including the now popular bosses on the lower... Continue Reading →

tbt 2015: Nicholas’ 29/27.5+

This was one of the more recognizable bikes in the bikepacking world, having been all over the world and being ridden during the creation of the Baja Divide. Also because it’s antique pink and had the first portage handle since the Sam Braxton bikes of the 80’s. Nicholas wrote a great blog about it below.... Continue Reading →

My first backcountry experience

Winter is in full swing in the Sierra, blowing past 200% of average snowfall already. This last weekend closed down the highway over Donner Pass for almost 24 hours because of zero visibility, and avalanche danger is extreme with the high peaks getting over 55” in two days. Although I won't be heading into the... Continue Reading →

tbt 2015: my own 29plus

I built this bike for myself to try some new things and to allow some adjustable geometry. For one it has a PF30 BB shell so i can use it as a singlespeed, Rohloff, or with a regular rear derailleur but the cooler part is one can raise or lower the BB height by rotating... Continue Reading →

Matt’s Ti Allroad

Matt wanted an allroad-style bike but using smaller diameter Ti tubing and a now old school 1-1/8” head tube for a non-tapered steerer steel fork. He wanted us to build a forever bike. The smaller diameter tubing is a little lighter, has a more classic road frame aesthetic, and is more compliant than the now... Continue Reading →

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