Kurt’s Ti gravel bike

I've never been good at coming up with names for bike models, probably why i just stick to custom frames. Hopefully the photos are enough to tell you what this bike was built to do. Kurt works at YouBet! Bikes in Nevada City and bought this as a birthday present for himself. His last custom... Continue Reading →

Breaking the leg, Part 2

My Instagram post and Part 1 of my story about skiing and breaking my leg had more interest and comments than I'd expected. I feel like I got glimpse into what people would've said at my Memorial. Thanks everyone that reached out and basically said "i'm glad you're still alive!" One of the worries I... Continue Reading →

Breaking the leg, Part 1

(This is a two part blog that I'm writing about my Friday the 17th misadventure. I'm in bed at home with a broken leg and bars sticking out of my femur and tibia bolted together with carbon fiber i have a lot of time on my hands. It's in no way related to framebuilding... Continue Reading →

Russell’s steel 29er

Russell already has two Meriwether's but sold his first 29er to get an update with even shorter chainstays, steeper seat angle, slacker head tube angle and longer reach. The main design criteria was to get the chainstays as short as possible for a 2.5" tire. Since the recent (relative) abundance of steel aftermarket yokes I... Continue Reading →

Tweaking things around a bit

There's a lot of things you can do to stock bikes to customize the fit and ride. Bike fitters may cringe at this post but I want to provide a list of things you can do to try BEFORE buying a new bike, especially a new custom bike. Bikes from almost any manufacturer are pretty... Continue Reading →

Ryan’s Ti 29er singlespeed

I don't build many complete bikes, especially as complete as this one. Ryan had a vision of what he wanted to get built for his 40th birthday and what you see below is the result. It took longer than expected to get the parts (new normal) so it didn't arrive on time to celebrate with... Continue Reading →


That's short for "Old Guy's All-Terrain-Bicycle"...or Old n Grumpy ATB, or Original Gangsta ATB. Being almost 50 now and riding bikes for most of those years I've seen mountain bikes go from my first mountain bike - a 1984 Schwinn High Sierra with bull-moose bars, to what i thought was the peak of engineering with... Continue Reading →

The Portage Handle

In 2015 I befriended Nicholas Carman who had a blog Gypsy by Trade. I loved reading about his bikepacking travels and offered to make him a frame. I could tell he had an interest in custom framebuilding and would be a great ambassador for Meriwether at a time when i was starting out. I offered... Continue Reading →

Kevin’s Pinion fatbike

I’m catching up with posting about the bikes of 2020 I’m surprised how many were fatbikes! I’ve not had many fatbike orders the last few years but 2020 This one was a doozy! It was my first Pinion gearbox bike and that is a new learning experience in itself. From what I’ve seen and heard... Continue Reading →

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