Works Components angle-headset

The Works Components angle headsets seem pretty unknown on this side of the pond (they're a UK company).  A customer shared the link with me as an option to slacken the head tube angle on his Meriwether MTB that I built him a few years ago.  The HTA of the frame is 67 degrees but... Continue Reading →

Dale’s 27.5+ Ti MTB

Dale wanted a new Titanium bike built for riding our local trails around Auburn and Tahoe with new school XC geometry. Slacker head tube angle and a longer front center but short reach for a more upright position. Finding that balance for each rider is a puzzle and each bike is different because every person... Continue Reading →

Ti 36er for a friend

In fall of 2009 SSWC was held in Durango, Colorado, 10 years after the inaugural event in Rancho Cucamonga.  That first SSWC I drove out from Boulder to meet Travis and race the event.  It was my first time witnessing the CA singlespeed scene and the Amigos in orange jumpsuits.  It wasn't until recently that... Continue Reading →

Matt’s dirtdrop 27.5plus

Matt contacted me wanting a quiver-killer bike - something that would be run riding dirt of all types but mostly around his homeland of Nevada City, CA where there are tons dirt roads, loamy wooded singletrack, and unique canal trails that link for miles and miles. You can easily ride all day from the house... Continue Reading →

Nick’s fatbike

Nick has been rocking his pink Meriwether 29+ since 2015. It's been down Baja, to Croatia, and crossed Africa to name a few spots. Nick has tried a couple other hardtails in the last two years but keeps coming back to the pink bike with his signature portage handle. Apparently we got the bike right for... Continue Reading →

A couple weeks off…

...having a great vacation to the high country where I joined in on the last three days of a friend's 50th birthday ride on the Colorado Trail from Denver to Durango. So great reconnecting with old friends and meeting a couple of new ones while camping with bikes. I had ridden most of the CT... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on Ti

Timmy posted a write up with his thoughts on his new Ti-RAD "RideAllDay" bike (that I'm trying my best not to call a gravel bike). He has been riding a lightweight tubeset Reynolds 853 steel frame that I made and loves, so it's interesting to see what he thought about a similar geometry Ti bike.... Continue Reading →

State of the Union

I've been neglecting the website and blog for no other reason that i've been busy. My Dad passed away in May and I haven't been inspired to write with all that's been going.  I'm still building bikes but at a slower rate (and fewer) since I'm getting less orders and overall interest.  Each frame is... Continue Reading →

Gravel bike – SOLD!

Seen here is my personal gravel bike that i made in 2017. The geometry is somewhat relaxed for long rides and tours, the bottom bracket height is nicely low and feels well grounded. It's a great riding bike and looks awesome with the sky blue powdercoat that has a big sparkle in the sunlight. Here... Continue Reading →

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