Jason’s klunkpacker

Jason's steel frame and fork are built for the long haul with a classic klunker look. He requested a frame geometry he knew he loved, but with adjustable dropouts to modify chainstay length and wheelbase. Frame and fork have lots of bosses to attach water and bags including the now popular bosses on the lower... Continue Reading →

It’s been a long year…

Dec 17 is the 1-year anniversary of breaking my leg while skiing. Yesterday i had surgery to get the hardware out and do arthroscopy to see how it had healed and what needed fixing. Surgeon said the ACL is torn but intact so he let it be (per my request since I couldn't mentally handle... Continue Reading →

tbt 2015: Nicholas’ 29/27.5+

This was one of the more recognizable bikes in the bikepacking world, having been all over the world and being ridden during the creation of the Baja Divide. Also because it’s antique pink and had the first portage handle since the Sam Braxton bikes of the 80’s. Nicholas wrote a great blog about it below.... Continue Reading →

My first backcountry experience

Winter is in full swing in the Sierra, blowing past 200% of average snowfall already. This last weekend closed down the highway over Donner Pass for almost 24 hours because of zero visibility, and avalanche danger is extreme with the high peaks getting over 55” in two days. Although I won't be heading into the... Continue Reading →

tbt 2015: my own 29plus

I built this bike for myself to try some new things and to allow some adjustable geometry. For one it has a PF30 BB shell so i can use it as a singlespeed, Rohloff, or with a regular rear derailleur but the cooler part is one can raise or lower the BB height by rotating... Continue Reading →

Matt’s Ti Allroad

Matt wanted an allroad-style bike but using smaller diameter Ti tubing and a now old school 1-1/8” head tube for a non-tapered steerer steel fork. He wanted us to build a forever bike. The smaller diameter tubing is a little lighter, has a more classic road frame aesthetic, and is more compliant than the now... Continue Reading →

Kurstin’s 29” Torker build shots

Kurstin knew exactly what he wanted so together we designed an old school Torker BMX style bike but with 29" wheels and trail bike geometry. Because of the very different parts spec it's different looking than the historical Torkers but the inspiration was there. Fun to see this one come together! It was the most... Continue Reading →

tbt 2015: Stu’s fatbike/29+

Stu wanted a fatbike for winter riding but also a frameset that would work with a second 29x3 wheelset for summer riding and to use as a bikepacking rig. The look with the bent top tube and arched wishbone seatstays was a design I did a lot of in the early years and works well... Continue Reading →

Pete’s Ti 29+

This is Pete's 2nd Meriwether, the first being a steel fatbike frameset and rear rack for winter adventures or summertime desert wandering. This new frame is similar in geometry to his fatbike also having a long head tube for the upright position he favors and big framebag space for storage. The new frame of course... Continue Reading →

TBT 2015: Smitty’s fatbike

I built a lot of fatbikes in 2015 and here was one with a glow-in-the-dark clear coat. Pretty sweet idea for night riding! The low standover frame fit 26x4.8's and is still ridden to this day in the Colorado high country in winter.

TBT 2015. Torsten’s 29+

This was my first customer from another country, Torsten in Germany. I haven't received any new photos but these are from his first ride and then from his first tour in Oman. He wanted the frame raw and got it painted with a carbon fork near him so I never got to see this awesome... Continue Reading →

TBT 2015: Russell’s 29er

Because I switched over in 2014 to another website that i switched back from in 2018, I am going to post a TBT photo of each bike I built in that missing 4 year time period that doesn't have a Build Report (assuming i have a photo for the complete build). So here goes. First... Continue Reading →

Mike’s Ti singlespeed

This winter when i was laid up in bed recovering from surgery on my knee, I put out a call for help in finding a physical therapist that would help me get back to doing what I love to do. There are a lot of PT's and chains out there but i wanted someone like... Continue Reading →

My Instagram account was suspended because it “didn’t follow their community guidelines”… no warning just gone and I have no idea why. The first time I disagreed and someone emailed apologizing for the mistake. The second time they asked for a verification selfie holding a piece of paper with my name, Instagram handle, and a... Continue Reading →

Slow and Sandy…

Dylan wrote up his trip on the Anne Beadell Highway in Australia, a tour that's been in the making for years. I built his frame, fork, and two racks in 2018 before he moved down there and it was by far the biggest endeavor i'd undertaken so I'm happy to see it carried him and... Continue Reading →

Jay’s Klunkpacker

Jay is the proprietor of YouBet bikes in Nevada City, CA. Kurt of YouBet also got a bike but of the Ti gravel type, and I just wrote a build report of his wife Carrie's 650 steel gravel bike! Full house of Meriwether's there! Jay's bike started with some very rough hand drawn sketches on... Continue Reading →

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