Friday Fatbike Flashback

Flashback 5 years to a birthday fatbike ride where a bunch headed up to Truckee to spend a few days in the sun and mountains. It was a very mild winter in 2015, as the last 3 had been, so there’s not a lot of snow and temps were up in the mid-60’s. It really... Continue Reading →

Dispelling Fat-i-tude

Continuing to update this site with blog posts from my old we go with a rant on fatbikes and plus tires, originally written 10/27/2015. "Why do you want to ride something that’s slower and heavier? Granted if you’re not a good rider and you want something that you can go over stuff, I get... Continue Reading →

Carol’s allrounder

Carol wanted a bike to replace her beloved old Indy Fab but with an updated fit and updated parts. The bike is a true allrounder with geometry for gravel rides, touring, and allroad use but it'll primarily be used for commuting all year round so i suggested to outfit it with a SON eDelux headlight,... Continue Reading →

Works Components angle-headset

The Works Components angle headsets seem pretty unknown on this side of the pond (they're a UK company).  A customer shared the link with me as an option to slacken the head tube angle on his Meriwether MTB that I built him a few years ago.  The HTA of the frame is 67 degrees but... Continue Reading →

Dale’s 27.5+ Ti MTB

Dale wanted a new Titanium bike built for riding our local trails around Auburn and Tahoe with new school XC geometry. Slacker head tube angle and a longer front center but short reach for a more upright position. Finding that balance for each rider is a puzzle and each bike is different because every person... Continue Reading →

Ti 36er for a friend

In fall of 2009 SSWC was held in Durango, Colorado, 10 years after the inaugural event in Rancho Cucamonga.  That first SSWC I drove out from Boulder to meet Travis and race the event.  It was my first time witnessing the CA singlespeed scene and the Amigos in orange jumpsuits.  It wasn't until recently that... Continue Reading →

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