Internal cables in the twin top tubes

These are pics of my first internal cable routing foray for FULL cable housing...not just the cable inside the frame like i wrote about previously, but the housing too.  This makes more sense to me when trying to minimize water infiltrating and cable longevity. It also makes for a very clean simple looking frame.  Heavier,... Continue Reading →

Lugged Cross fork for Jim’s frame

I used the Nova 7 degree offset fork crown for this fork. I dig this look and it's still pretty light and stiff (1.9lbs/880 grams with a whopping 11" of steerer left).  The crown is drilled out to accept a 'fork crown cable hanger' to reduce brake and fork chatter when slamming on the brakes.... Continue Reading →

Seatstays are a total PITA…

...and these are one of the easiest types you can do! More on a later post about my trials and errors on mitering the seatstays, but here's the semi-finished product. I also added the chainstay photo-process too since I forgot to post that when I did it last weekend. I dig the way these half-fastback... Continue Reading →

Back to work

A week or two off of shop work. Moved a big truckload of stuff out to the new house in the new town and am absolutely psyched on the new's immense...i don't deserve it!  But I hope to grow into the space by turning 'Pro' with this framebuilding gig in 2013.  I think I... Continue Reading →

More pics of T’s Choad…

After soaking off the flux in the bathtub overnight, blowing out the water inside and out with the air compressor, using 80grit emery cloth and a wire wheel in a drill to clean up the surface rust that developed overnight on the tubes, and then 2 hours of filing...this is where I'm at. I checked... Continue Reading →

…and the cradle will rock

Frame 11 is coming together, slowly.  It may look weird right now, but each tube has a purpose and even though this will be one heavy frame relative to a 'normal' two-triangle frame, it will be sweet to ride this fatty.  It's been a slow process but mostly that was because jigging this thing up... Continue Reading →

Aftermarket Bridge

I'm not sure why i didn't put in a chainstay bridge before I finished the frame but with the excessively crimped chainstays (see pics) and the very light and thin Dedaccai zero uno S-bend stays...the rear triangle flex was noticeable.  This bridge in effect, does hardly anything, but it helps.  I used an old warped... Continue Reading →

Direct Mount braze-on

I thought my most recent frame would fit a traditional front derailleur but turned out I was wrong. I'm close to never running a front derailleur ever again...but if I'm gonna make frames for friends I'll have to learn.  This must be why many builders keep if safe with 'regular' chainstays of 17.5" -- those... Continue Reading →

Wishbone seatstays

The two-triangle bike frame is pretty hard to improve upon...there are little tweaks but for the most part everybody uses the same design because it works.  I've always loved Retrotec and other frames that incorporate unique lines but try to make a rigid frame less rigid where it matters.  I know there's very little evidence... Continue Reading →

Wishbone seat stays brazed and done

Making this type of wishbone stay was kinda like making a really uber lightweight fork. The upper piece that connects to the seat tube is 25.4mm (diameter)  x 0.9mm (wall thickness), the crown pieces are 19mm x 0.9mm, and the legs are True Temper seat stays, 16mm x 0.6mm or thererabouts. It's funny to me... Continue Reading →

Segmented fork, take 2

After bending my first segmented fork when seeing how it'd hold up, I got right to making #2 since I don't have a fork for the RivBomb frame to ride yet. I swear, what takes most people 4 hours takes me 4 days. Of course, I tend only to get a few hours a day... Continue Reading →

Testing 1, 2, 3…

I killed my first segmented fork....on purpose.  I wanted to test the strength of the fillet brazed sleeves since when I cut up a couple of test brazed sleeves thebrass was only getting down 1/2" at most from the edge of the sleeve.  I'm pretty sure it's not my brazing technique, since there is a... Continue Reading →

The Mtn Tourer (frame #2) is tacked

My laptop died a couple of days ago...right when I finished a mapping project thankfully.  I left for a meeting, came back home, tried to turn it back on, and it just was black.  Black screen, a slight thumping sound...dead.  It's about a year and 3 months old and of course I only had a year warranty... Continue Reading →

Seatstays are done!

I'm done with mitering and slotting the seatstays.  It took me way longer than I thought it should because I had some pre-bent S-bend seat stays from Nova...and I totally crunched them too tight in the fixture. I know now how very carefully to tighten the tubing blocks down on the stays. They're only o.6mm... Continue Reading →

Brazing the dropouts

I've never put a torch and brass to steel before these first few be easy on me!  I learned to silver braze the various braze-ons on a bike and that is relatively easy, quick, and fun.  But not knowing how to exercise proper heat control, how much oxygen and fuel to make a perfect... Continue Reading →

Fork #2 done

The first adjustable-rake fork is done!  I haven't put in tension screws yet since the track SS dropouts are narrower (7mm) than the sliders (9mm) which have the same 4mm bolt tapped into them that I was gonna try and put in the track drops.  If I try it, I'll have to go with a... Continue Reading →

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