Internal cables in the twin top tubes

These are pics of my first internal cable routing foray for FULL cable housing...not just the cable inside the frame like i wrote about previously, but the housing too.  This makes more sense to me when trying to minimize water infiltrating and cable longevity. It also makes for a very clean simple looking frame.  Heavier,... Continue Reading →

Lugged Cross fork for Jim’s frame

I used the Nova 7 degree offset fork crown for this fork. I dig this look and it's still pretty light and stiff (1.9lbs/880 grams with a whopping 11" of steerer left).  The crown is drilled out to accept a 'fork crown cable hanger' to reduce brake and fork chatter when slamming on the brakes.... Continue Reading →

Seatstays are a total PITA…

...and these are one of the easiest types you can do! More on a later post about my trials and errors on mitering the seatstays, but here's the semi-finished product. I also added the chainstay photo-process too since I forgot to post that when I did it last weekend. I dig the way these half-fastback... Continue Reading →

Back to work

A week or two off of shop work. Moved a big truckload of stuff out to the new house in the new town and am absolutely psyched on the new's immense...i don't deserve it!  But I hope to grow into the space by turning 'Pro' with this framebuilding gig in 2013.  I think I... Continue Reading →

More pics of T’s Choad…

After soaking off the flux in the bathtub overnight, blowing out the water inside and out with the air compressor, using 80grit emery cloth and a wire wheel in a drill to clean up the surface rust that developed overnight on the tubes, and then 2 hours of filing...this is where I'm at. I checked... Continue Reading →

…and the cradle will rock

Frame 11 is coming together, slowly.  It may look weird right now, but each tube has a purpose and even though this will be one heavy frame relative to a 'normal' two-triangle frame, it will be sweet to ride this fatty.  It's been a slow process but mostly that was because jigging this thing up... Continue Reading →

Aftermarket Bridge

I'm not sure why i didn't put in a chainstay bridge before I finished the frame but with the excessively crimped chainstays (see pics) and the very light and thin Dedaccai zero uno S-bend stays...the rear triangle flex was noticeable.  This bridge in effect, does hardly anything, but it helps.  I used an old warped... Continue Reading →

Direct Mount braze-on

I thought my most recent frame would fit a traditional front derailleur but turned out I was wrong. I'm close to never running a front derailleur ever again...but if I'm gonna make frames for friends I'll have to learn.  This must be why many builders keep if safe with 'regular' chainstays of 17.5" -- those... Continue Reading →

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