After trying out Kinkos/FedEx for vinyl die-cut decals, I wanted an upgrade. The vinyl would tear pretty easy and is relatively thick. They just didn't last that long. After waiting too long and getting almost no response from the other bike decal company, Ryan of Smudgemo and I went in on an order to get... Continue Reading →

BobB’s Rotundcycle

I've kept frame #21 a secret since MT was going to surprise her hubby BobB for his 60th birthday with a custom fatbike. Even though Bob's the most un-tech person I know I didn't post any build shots of the bike until he received it (unless you check out my Flickr).  I've known and ridden... Continue Reading →

Death by Misadventure

That title (Death by Misadventure) has to be one of my favorite three word phrases of all time. It would make an excellent band name. I came across it when following the rabbit hole of Google that started on looking for a Black "color" for Timmy's bike on the Prismatic Powder website (which is a... Continue Reading →

Frame 20 is done

Paul is the proud new parent of a 4lb. 8oz frame.  It's headed off to powdercoating on Friday for a coat of RAL6011 green.  (As an aside, i learned that Ventana powdercoats frames in their shop for a reasonable cost! They're 80min away from me whereas my current place is 'only' 60min away so until... Continue Reading →

Frame 15’s glamour shots

Finished this frame Saturday after cleaning up the extra brass, reaming and facing the head and seat tubes. The heat sinks do an awesome job of saving the cutting tools. I barely had anything to do on the seat tube especially.  I'm going with a seat clamp on this frame from DKG to make sure... Continue Reading →

Frame 14 all done sans paint

Here's the finished unfinished singlespeed cross frame.  It may be awhile before paint it and build it up but here are some photos.  The alignment turned out better once I put in the seatstays somehow.  Here are some numbers: -- Seat tube off the centerline to the driveside by 0.4mm, no second pass or coldsetting.... Continue Reading →

Frame 13 painted and done!

A few photos of the finished product, more later when it's in its natural habitat (singletrack). I tried a new type of paint and really dig it.  Blue f'ing sparkles baby! It's a MUCH thicker rattle-can paint than anything else I've tried, so will hopefully resist scratches better.  The one major downfall of rattlecan is... Continue Reading →

TK’s frame finished but no paint yet

It was 82 degrees on Saturday, then a little wet weather came in Sunday afternoon and it's been snowing ever since.  The heavy white layer on the newly green grass and leafing trees is a beautiful thing. I do feel a bit sorry for the smushed early-to-bloom wildflowers that thought the snow had stopped for... Continue Reading →

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