S-bend seat stays

This was my first attempt at S-bends seatstays. I have built two frames with single-bend stays but those were a couple years ago and I did the single bend on my 7" radius oak fork blade bender.  After hummin and hawing for awhile and attempting to make my own somewhat clunky 8" radius bender out... Continue Reading →

MTMF on the horizontal

The Anvil main (all, actually) tube mitering fixture barely fits on my horizontal mill.  Mostly the 5x20" table is pretty tiny for an 8" rotary table (rotab) which is what the MTMF requires.  I have the rotab attached in the center t-slot but really i should have fabricated an extension plate so I'd be able... Continue Reading →

Fixturedom – Anvil’s MTMF

I got a new fixture. I feel guilty just saying that. After all, it's cooler not to have fixtures and use files, or make your own.  I know, but I gave in to the inner tool whore. I'm trying to streamline and quicken my process so I can actually make bikes for people one day... Continue Reading →

Frame 13 – First welds on the JMan

Thanks to everyone that regularly stops-in to see what I'm ranting about in the framebuilding microcosm. It's actually a much bigger world than I'd imagined and a great group of people.  Truls, whom I do not know other than seeing his signature on message board posts, linked to my last post on Pulsed Tig-welding in... Continue Reading →

JMan Tubeholder

Someday, I'll have to post a full writeup on the details of this frame fixture, but for now I just wanted to comment on how cool the tubeholder is. With any fixture it seems to me that unless you're building a lugged frame (tube-holders 'built-in') it is really nice to have a way to at... Continue Reading →

TK’s 29er touring bike taking shape

Yesterday I got some time to weld the front triangle of TK's mtn touring machine, after re-mitering the larger 38mm diameter downtube and brazing on the various braze-ons last week.  I also mitered the chainstays to the BB, after first slotting them for the Paragon low-mount dropouts, and then dimpling the stays for more tire... Continue Reading →

Access 65 chainstay holder

I modified my frame jig with a simple drill hole.  I was having trouble holding the chainstays in place when fitting and tacking them into place.  The jig doesn't have anything stock that does the job, but the seat tube/seat stay bar part looked like it'd work really well.  I just had to drill a... Continue Reading →

Direct Mount braze-on

I thought my most recent frame would fit a traditional front derailleur but turned out I was wrong. I'm close to never running a front derailleur ever again...but if I'm gonna make frames for friends I'll have to learn.  This must be why many builders keep if safe with 'regular' chainstays of 17.5" -- those... Continue Reading →

Frame alignment

In an ideal world, nobody would need an alignment table. Many builders probably don't have one and just are *that* good, or assume they're that good and that nobody will even notice the frame is out of alignment.  Perhaps.  But unless you have absolutely spot-on miters and are a perfect welder that can use the... Continue Reading →

Bending my first seatstays

I bought a cheap bender made out of oak from a guy back east named Nicolai or something.  He was advertising them on frameforum as a cheap alternative to the more expensive benders (which are insanely expensive but most small guys make their own it seems) and something good to learn on.  I have no... Continue Reading →

Easy Access

Just a couple of pictures of how twisted this frame fixture can get with not too much effort. It does take some elbow grease to twist it forward/back (driveside/non-driveside) without loosening the clamp's swivel thingy, but really easy to get it to swivel left/right without any effort at all.  The access to the joints is... Continue Reading →

Chainstay mitering

I've got the rear triangle all coped and cleaned and ready to be tacked very soon. This process too me a long time. For one, I just have not been getting down to the shop very much.  I also learned the more difficult way that BikeCAD needs to be watched closely - or that I... Continue Reading →

Henry James Access 65 jig UPDATE

I've been meaning to provide an update on the Access 65 for awhile now and a recent comment on my previous post just reminded me to do that.  Also realizing how many times I tried to find user-specific information on the jig before I bought it, I really want to give out as much info... Continue Reading →

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