Disc cross forks

It's hard to know how beefy to build a disc-specific cyclocross fork, especially when you know it's going to be ridden on trail, over big washboards, through winter, and with room for fenders. You want to make it light and ride smooth but strong enough to last. I first built a lugged-crown fork (Nova 7deg... Continue Reading →

PJMac’s frame progress

I'm 3/4 done building a 29er frame for Paul, mastermind of Cross Propz - portable cyclocross barriers for training rides and practice. Pretty ingenious design where you can literally thrown it on the ground and the bungee cord connected PVC pipe barrier nearly self-assembles itself in seconds. Paul has been waiting a long time for... Continue Reading →

Cannondale Lefty on custom frames

It's strange having this blog come up more than any other site for framebuilding information when I Google anything from welding to mitering questions.  I KNOW other builders blog about this stuff but maybe Google likes WordPress blogs better than Blogger blogs. That'd be funny since Google owns Blogger.  I hope some people find this... Continue Reading →

Fatbike fork for Dynamo hub

This fork is for loaded dirt, snow &/or sand touring once attached to his Surly Necromancer frame. It's got more braze-on's than most touring frames! It's got three bottle bosses on each leg for Salsa Anything cages or for water bottle cages in one of two positions (high/low). It's got one bottle boss on the... Continue Reading →

Knard-sized segmented forkage

I'm building a fork (and next, a frame) for the Surly Knard tire and 50mm wide rims.   I am super psyched for these tires to be released, sometime in December. In March of this year, after a couple days with TB in Durango riding fatbikes, I emailed Kenda's to try (beg) them to create a... Continue Reading →

Lugged Cross fork for Jim’s frame

I used the Nova 7 degree offset fork crown for this fork. I dig this look and it's still pretty light and stiff (1.9lbs/880 grams with a whopping 11" of steerer left).  The crown is drilled out to accept a 'fork crown cable hanger' to reduce brake and fork chatter when slamming on the brakes.... Continue Reading →

Fatty fork for my upcoming Fatbike.

It's officially winter, there's constant snow on the trails, and I'm going to try to ride my bike more this year. In previous years, i commuted a few days a week the 20 miles & ~3000ft elevation loss to Boulder with studded tires on cross or MTB depending on conditions.   On the weekends I skied... Continue Reading →

CX fork numero uno

My first cross fork is all done! It went pretty smoothly. I got the Dedaccai unmitered blades, steerer, & dropouts from Nova. I dig the dropouts, they are plug-style and have a breather hole already drilled. They are slight - very light...but should be great for a cross fork. I silver brazed the dropouts in... Continue Reading →

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