Fork alignment

I am almost finished with my girl's fork for her new steel 26"-wheel frame.  For this fork I used True Temper FB-4 fork blades since the axle to crown length is only 432mm.  There's enough room for a 29er too if she ends up wanting a big wheel up front.  I love the look of... Continue Reading →


Finished up Hayride's segmented fork today.  I'm thinking it's lookin pretty darn good! From where I was a year ago, to where I am's been a long trip but I can finally say I feel comfortable with my fabrication to make stuff for friends.  He's been riding my 1st frame for a few weeks... Continue Reading →

Hayride’s fork is nearly done

It's been busy here doing mapping work lately so haven't been updating this blog, but i have been doing some fabrication. I've got Hayride's segmented fork nearly done to replace his Surly Karate Monkey fork.  I mimicked the geometry (468 axle to crown, 43mm offset) which keeps it at 75mm of trail.  Hopefully this style... Continue Reading →

Fork 5 for frame 3 is done

I finished up my first 'regular' segmented fork yesterday (no sleeves). I spent the better part of two days building and painting it before mounting it up to the short-stay 29er last night. I don't practice my tig welding as much as I used to but I still think they turned out pretty good.  I... Continue Reading →

Segmented fork, take 2

After bending my first segmented fork when seeing how it'd hold up, I got right to making #2 since I don't have a fork for the RivBomb frame to ride yet. I swear, what takes most people 4 hours takes me 4 days. Of course, I tend only to get a few hours a day... Continue Reading →

Testing 1, 2, 3…

I killed my first segmented fork....on purpose.  I wanted to test the strength of the fillet brazed sleeves since when I cut up a couple of test brazed sleeves thebrass was only getting down 1/2" at most from the edge of the sleeve.  I'm pretty sure it's not my brazing technique, since there is a... Continue Reading →

Segmented fork build progress, tacked!

I got my first segmented fork all tacked up today. Here's a pictorial of how it went.  Thanks again to Waltworks for posting a how-to back in 2007 on his blog.  I don't know how i'd be doing this without that web-help.  Yesterday I welded the dropouts to the legs.  I should've practiced more before... Continue Reading →

Fork #2 done

The first adjustable-rake fork is done!  I haven't put in tension screws yet since the track SS dropouts are narrower (7mm) than the sliders (9mm) which have the same 4mm bolt tapped into them that I was gonna try and put in the track drops.  If I try it, I'll have to go with a... Continue Reading →

Legs are welded

Second, the first pass on the front, no pulser Another step completed in the fork build tonight. Slow build because made a wall in the garage to separate the 'garage' from the 'shop.'  The shop will get heated, the garage won't...should save on $ and also i'll have a cleaner workspace.  Anyways... I tacked the... Continue Reading →

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