Nice frame and fork to gawk at

Built by Don for another Don...simply beautiful frame and fork. Amazing that Don McClung never put his own decals on his bikes.  This is one builder that should be much better known, eh?!  Before the others, his bikes were given bent seat tubes to allow for super-short chainstays on his 29ers (16" stays...). He uses... Continue Reading →

Wishbone seatstays

The two-triangle bike frame is pretty hard to improve upon...there are little tweaks but for the most part everybody uses the same design because it works.  I've always loved Retrotec and other frames that incorporate unique lines but try to make a rigid frame less rigid where it matters.  I know there's very little evidence... Continue Reading →


My influences are those people that changed the way I saw the world of bikes. Although I have had many influences in my 25 years of riding mountain bikes, I point to these people below as the ones who helped make me who I am today - as far as cycling goes. I'll keep coming... Continue Reading →

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