Tigging tabbed dropouts

There are several ways to Tig tabbed dropouts but I've always wanted to emulate the type of dropout/stay connection found on my Y2K Independent Fabrication cross frame.  It's a weird type of joinery for me to wrap my head around for some reason. I tried once on my own cross frame with Paul's horizontal dropouts... Continue Reading →

Using the Paragon yoke

I used the Paragon Machine Works chainstay yoke for the first time on Adam's 29+ frame last month. The yoke was created to accommodate 3" tires and allow the use of a mtn crankset with a regular chainline on a 73mm BB shell. This is a difficult task to say the least without the use... Continue Reading →

Process shots from Adam’s 29+

Adam's frame is 95% done. I just need to cap the wishbone stay ends, put on a few cable guides, ream/face, and clean up before posting any final parting shots.  It was a challenging build not just because the bent tubes but because it was so interrupted by time away from the shop. I have... Continue Reading →

S-bend seat stays

This was my first attempt at S-bends seatstays. I have built two frames with single-bend stays but those were a couple years ago and I did the single bend on my 7" radius oak fork blade bender.  After hummin and hawing for awhile and attempting to make my own somewhat clunky 8" radius bender out... Continue Reading →

Slotting and other stuff

Working when I can on Timmy's frame.  Headed down to my Dad's (both of them - step and real) for Dad's day last weekend so didn't get any shop time in for a few days.   I've been fighting a weird bug as well that took me out of commission for a couple of weeks.  Brutal. ... Continue Reading →

File to Fit

It's been a long time since I've ranted about framebuilding here (I do it every day in my head but rarely have time or want to spend it writing thoughts that few really care about). But hell, what good are ideas if you don't put them out there to bounce off the interwebs?! That's what... Continue Reading →

Frame 14 taking shape

I finished finishing the segmented fork finally. Pictures are on Flickr or below in the earlier blog post.  The color is totally disco, but in a good way. Should go well with the blue sparkly frame.  I'd love to get my own powdercoating booth and oven some day.  I do like the idea of doing... Continue Reading →

Flanged/hooded/Breeze-style dropouts

I need help figuring out how to better miter chainstays for hooded dropouts. Wow, it took way longer than i'm going to admit in writing.  My chainstays are also 1mm shorter than i planned because of the file/check/repeat process not going as smoothly as it could have. Do others that use hooded dropouts file the... Continue Reading →

TK’s wishbone stays almost done

I'm slowly getting this frame finished. This wishbone seat stay in the photos is my second try. The first try, I cut the mainstay miter too close on the bottom and burned through the tube at the edge.  This time, I cut the mainstay long, welded it to the crown pieces, then used the mill... Continue Reading →

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