Process shots from Adam’s 29+

Adam's frame is 95% done. I just need to cap the wishbone stay ends, put on a few cable guides, ream/face, and clean up before posting any final parting shots.  It was a challenging build not just because the bent tubes but because it was so interrupted by time away from the shop. I have... Continue Reading →

Favorite uses for magnets

Fixturing with magnets. The magnet on the top cap of the fork is the latest discovery for me. Holds it to the leg no matter which way I tip it! So easy to braze now. These pivoting magnets from I can't remember are great for fixturing fork legs to crown pieces and tacking while upside... Continue Reading →

Drill Chuck setup

Something to share that made mill setup just a little easier and faster.  I replaced my R8 arbor drill chuck a 5/8" drill chuck with a 3/4" straight shank arbor I found on eBay.  Whenever I center the spindle, tram, drill holes, etc I would normally unload whatever Paragon 3/4" hole saw arbor was in... Continue Reading →

Fixturedom – Anvil’s MTMF

I got a new fixture. I feel guilty just saying that. After all, it's cooler not to have fixtures and use files, or make your own.  I know, but I gave in to the inner tool whore. I'm trying to streamline and quicken my process so I can actually make bikes for people one day... Continue Reading →

Alignment check

No coldsetting or second passes needed on this frame! The numbers for the front triangle are below my 1mm cutoff and as you can see from the pictures. The seat tube was damn close to perfect. These checks have become more and more about just evaluating my process than anything else. A test to see... Continue Reading →

Looking for a Lathe

It will be at least a few months before I actually get one, but I'm in the market for a lathe.  It's time for me to step up and start facing and turning my own head tubes, and learning to do the vast number of things a builder or machinist can do with a lathe. ... Continue Reading →

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