Process shots from Adam’s 29+

Adam's frame is 95% done. I just need to cap the wishbone stay ends, put on a few cable guides, ream/face, and clean up before posting any final parting shots.  It was a challenging build not just because the bent tubes but because it was so interrupted by time away from the shop. I have... Continue Reading →

I’m a pulser now

On the rear triangle of the latest frame, my new super fat rotundcycle, I test-drove the pulser on the ThermalArc 185.  I started trying it when I had poor line-of-sight on the elevated chainstay bridge and I thought it'd help with heat control on those tight spots.  But after I got done with the bridge... Continue Reading →

TIMMAY’s bike almost done

Some photos of the process and results.  The welding of the front triangle and chainstays went well.  I tacked in the fixture at 12 and 6 for most tubes except for the top of the downtube where I tacked at 10 & 2.  Before removing it from the fixture I welded a full pass to... Continue Reading →

TIG troubleshooting

Some days I wonder if an alien hasn't already taken over my body. Am i getting too old to learn and retain new tricks? Am I over-caffeinated, or under-caffeinated? Just as keeping yourself physically fit, it's important to keep the muscle memory strong by practicing welding even if you're not building a bike at the... Continue Reading →

Knard bike starting to take form

It's been awhile since I posted photos on this frame I started months ago...slow progress because of the move and holidays! So here are some shots just to look at. The welding of the tubes I'm welding and not brazing on the front triangle are done. They look different than what I usually put out.... Continue Reading →

Weld shots of the day

I usually post only my better weld shots but on this front triangle, they all turned out pretty good! Again, no pulser and no foot pulsing either except on the hard to see acute angled joints like the ST/BB/DT and the bottom side of the DT.  It's habit, not needed, but I like how you... Continue Reading →

Welded dropouts and BB shots

Got to the welding the chainstays to the dropouts and bottom bracket tonight and it went well! One pass and all looks good.  Next, I'll ream & face the BB shell, and then check the alignment of the front triangle and chainstays and see if I need to lay another pass somewhere. I would REALLY... Continue Reading →

TK’s wishbone stays almost done

I'm slowly getting this frame finished. This wishbone seat stay in the photos is my second try. The first try, I cut the mainstay miter too close on the bottom and burned through the tube at the edge.  This time, I cut the mainstay long, welded it to the crown pieces, then used the mill... Continue Reading →

1 year of building frames

It's been one year to the day when I finished my first solo frame in my garage. It was a 29er suspension adjusted frame that had a few holes burned through while welding the tubes.  From the below photo, you can see I didn't move fast enough while welding, overheated the tubes, and well...just kinda... Continue Reading →

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