Queue will re-open for 2022 on Oct. 1st at 8am Pacific Standard Time. First 12 people to email me on the 1st (after 8am) get in the 2022 queue. Any others will be placed on a waitlist for cancellations. 

Note that you will likely be waiting longer for parts to put on your frame than the frame itself. I have no control over the Shimano and SRAM supply side and do not stock up on parts being a custom builder that makes no stock bikes. Almost everything is 3 months out if not longer – headsets to shifters and everything in between.  I recommend going to a custom wheelbuilder for wheels who does keep stock, and searching online for components if you aren’t using parts from another bike.  Otherwise the frame will be collecting dust while we wait.

2021 Current Build list:
  1. A. W – Steel cross/gravel
  2. S. W – Ti 29er SS
  3. J. K – Ti 29er MTB
  4. S. V – Ti 650b Allroad
  5. L. P – steel fatbike
  6. Z. W –  Ti 29er MTB
  7. M. T – Steel 29er MTB
  8. A. T – Steel 29er MTB
  9. J.B – steel Klunkpacker


  1. P.P. – Ti Fatbike
  2. W. M – Ti Road
  1. T. K – Steel fatbike
  1. A. C – Ti klunker