Adjust your headset with the Stemstash and have your goods readily available for the next safety break.

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SKU: stem-stash


Machined in Northern California by Huston Precision out of 6061 aluminum (bowl) and stainless steel (stem), it has a secret storage compartment under the top-cap, accessible by a 4mm allen key or thumbscrew. The Stemstash fits inside your fork’s steerer tube replacing the stock headset cap. It screws into the star nut, or an expansion plug*, and can be used to preload your headset, hide your stash, and never forget your safety break materials.

Stock purchase includes: Stemstash & 5mm bolt to use with your own top cap & installation hardware to lower the fork’s current star nut. Links below for expansion plug options.

Options: Tool free thumbscrew = add $10. Carb 4mm allen bolt = add $5.

*for carbon forks there are expansion plugs available online that can be slid down the fork steerer instead of set on top. The coolest and highest quality option is made by Intend and comes in different sizes depending on the inner diameter of your steerer tube (AL, carbon, steel differ). Cheaper options are available such as this one.

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