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Spacers seen with an 18-tooth Surly cog

Singlespeed cassette spacers are $5 for 10 in any size combo (see below), and 10 will plenty for one wheel with maybe one or two leftover depending on what cog you use and whether you have Discos.  If you want a set of Discos, I’ll sell the Disco/10 spacer kit for $20.  Disco’s only for $12. These prices include shipping to any US location. I’ll sell internationally too but the extra cost of shipping will be added.

Email me at meriwethercycles at gmail dot com if you’d like to order some spacers or one of the 3 sets of Discos I have left.

Details on when, why, where, and how are below if you are so inclined.

A friend and I used to make Discos – rear cassette chain guides that would help keep the chain on non-singlespeed specific cogs while on a regular cassette body (not a singlespeed hub).  This system allows you to quickly convert any wheel to a singlespeed wheel – you don’t need a singlespeed specific wheel set – and you can even use a bike without horizontal dropouts (but a chain tensioner is needed if there’s a derailleur hanger).

These photos were taken many years ago (2001) with some red Discos,  but the setup is the same for the most part.  Singlespeed components have come a long way since then, so you don’t NEED chain guides but I still use them so that my chain can be looser and I will never drop the chain due to frame flex while cranking on the pedals while going over rough terrain. Back when we made these there were no rear cogs that weren’t ramped and short-in-the-tooth since they were from existing cassettes. Because of the short cog teeth the chain would have the tendency to jump off occasionally, so Discos made the chain stay on there no matter what cog you used.

I still have a THREE sets of the plastic “smoke” color available, and hundreds of the cassette spacers for sale.  They were made locally (front range Colorado) by someone who now offers their own SS kit.

The now extinct titanium Discos…

The spacers are polished aluminum in color and come in two widths.  You can mix and match them to fit any width cog and cassette combination.  (These are really not much different than old cassette spacers so if you have those lying around just use them!)

I highly recommend capping off the end of the spacers with a 12t cog since it has etchings that keep the lock-ring tight over time.  This also helps if you break your chain, don’t have a chain tensioner, and need to shorten your chain but have no more room to pull the dropout back to tension the shorter chain…and don’t want to walk and coast home.

I’ll sell you as many or as few spacers as you want in either of the two sizes.  The pictures show some examples of how they look and are used, this time with a Surly cog.

They come in 2.6mm or 3.0mm wide, and are 2.5mm tall.  (The reason they are different widths is because if you wanted to use Discos, you needed to use the 3mm wide spacers inbetween the Disco and single cog when people used 8-spd chains, and the 2.6mm spacer inbetween the Disco and cog when using a 9-speed chain.  That spacing allowed for a snug fit so the chain didn’t drop.)

Depending on the specific chainline of your bike, they will need to be shuffled around to get it just right – not a difficult task by any means.

With the Surly cog, I used 5 of the 3mm spacers and 4 of the 2.6mm spacers, and then put the 12t cog with a lock-ring clamped down snug.  It gets a little harder if you use Discos since you don’t want the chain to rub against either Disco.  So, you’ll need to use a 9- or 10-speed chain and the 3mm spacer between the cog and Disco.

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  1. I bought a set of these, shipped out to Australia, back around then to convert my mtb. We mostly fiddled with magic gears back then and these solved the problem perfectly. One of the best custom bike inventions ever. I have still have them in my parts box!

    I’m on a sscx nowadays, but those discos were part of the reason I got hooked!

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