First fatbike race at Copper Mtn

In an effort to R&D my own bikes, I took it upon myself to race the first of 4 races of the Leadville Winter Mountain Bike race series.  [Here's my other blogpost about it (yes, i have two blogs, that one I've had for awhile, this site is more for the framebuilding thingy than anything... Continue Reading →

Fatbike impressions

With only 4 rides on my fatbike, I've realized it's like no other bike you can imagine. I've had to learn to ride a bike again. On snow, you have to minimize sudden movements and steering stability is premium if you want to stay vertical.  It is SO easy to wash out these tires, they... Continue Reading →

Fatbike stuff

I got the wheels from in the mail Friday.  They are a stock wheelset, not the heaviest, not the lightest.  They came with Surly Rolling Darryl rims which have cutouts to save weight.  This also makes some interesting options for rim strips.  Gorilla tape I hear is used or just the Surly rim strips... Continue Reading →

Fatty fork for my upcoming Fatbike.

It's officially winter, there's constant snow on the trails, and I'm going to try to ride my bike more this year. In previous years, i commuted a few days a week the 20 miles & ~3000ft elevation loss to Boulder with studded tires on cross or MTB depending on conditions.   On the weekends I skied... Continue Reading →

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