Front triangle is tacked

Back from a couple weeks off messing around in the shop. Got the front triangle tacked and it's ready for the chainstays. The new Sputnik CS fixture is in the mail, should be mitering those stays next week...psyched!

1st (solo) 29er front triangle is mitered

Finished up mitering the front triangle tonight. The mill got it close, but in an effort to not mess up more tubes than I need to...i measured twice and (under) cut once...and filed each tube for a long, long time.  It's good practice if nothing else.  File, check, file, check, to infinity...kinda meditative really. I'm... Continue Reading →

Fork is finished

It's done! Finally. This is a big fork. 510mm length, 51mm offset, and it's pretty heavy.  It copies the Fox Float fork for the "G2" geometry, for a frame I've yet to build...that's coming next.  It turned out OK for my first fork, but the real goal was to learn and that I did.  Forks... Continue Reading →

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