The sum of my parts

Thankfully I was able to enjoy some of the endless winter...and what a crazy winter it was! The snow just kept coming down in Tahoe with Sugar Bowl getting almost 800" before closing day. After a couple of months recovering from arthroscopic surgery and hardware removal in December, I started inching my way back into... Continue Reading →

It’s been a long year…

Dec 17 is the 1-year anniversary of breaking my leg while skiing. Yesterday i had surgery to get the hardware out and do arthroscopy to see how it had healed and what needed fixing. Surgeon said the ACL is torn but intact so he let it be (per my request since I couldn't mentally handle... Continue Reading →

My first backcountry experience

Winter is in full swing in the Sierra, blowing past 200% of average snowfall already. This last weekend closed down the highway over Donner Pass for almost 24 hours because of zero visibility, and avalanche danger is extreme with the high peaks getting over 55” in two days. Although I won't be heading into the... Continue Reading →

Breaking the leg, Part 2

My Instagram post and Part 1 of my story about skiing and breaking my leg had more interest and comments than I'd expected. I feel like I got glimpse into what people would've said at my Memorial. Thanks everyone that reached out and basically said "i'm glad you're still alive!" One of the worries I... Continue Reading →

Breaking the leg, Part 1

(This is a two part blog that I'm writing about my Friday the 17th misadventure. I'm in bed at home with a broken leg and bars sticking out of my femur and tibia bolted together with carbon fiber i have a lot of time on my hands. It's in no way related to framebuilding... Continue Reading →

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