State of the Union

I've been neglecting the website and blog for no other reason that i've been busy. My Dad passed away in May and I haven't been inspired to write with all that's been going.  I'm still building bikes but at a slower rate (and fewer) since I'm getting less orders and overall interest.  Each frame is... Continue Reading →

Gravel bike FOR SALE!

Seen here is my personal gravel bike that i made in Feb, 2019. The geometry is relaxed for long rides and tours, the bottom bracket height is pretty low but not too low. It's a great riding bike and looks awesome with the metallic sky blue powdercoat that has a light sparkle in the sunlight.... Continue Reading →

Abe’s 29 plus or minus

Abe and I met about 5 years ago at the local bike shop where i was displaying my bikepacking rig as Isaac was giving a talk on the art of bikepacking.  I remember Abe talking about wanting a custom bike some day and that if he were to pull the trigger it would be for... Continue Reading →

Gravel, road, and getting older

I've never been one to enjoy road riding. I respect those that do and race but it just wasn't for me. It was always a thing I had to do whether it was riding to trails or all serious n stuff training for racing in the winter months when the trails were covered in snow... Continue Reading →

First Ti build

It's been something I've wanted to do for awhile but never thought i'd be able to. McGovern had given me a bag full of scrap Ti he had lying around the shop and it took me until now to cut them up and melt together. After talking to a few other builders that have transitioned... Continue Reading →

Not NAHBSing

The handbuilt bike show is only a short distance from my shop but i'm not going to have a booth this year. I will, however, be walking the floor Saturday and saying hello to builders and seeing their great bike builds.  I'll be the only blond haired and balding skinny white guy wearing a Meriwether... Continue Reading →

Trip to Colorado

I don't travel often anymore but each fall i feel a draw to see the changing colors of the aspens and visit the place i lived for the entirety of my adult life until about 6  years ago. The family of friends there has proved hard to beat and i've never felt more welcome and... Continue Reading →

Sierra Scrambler

Well I'm back! I never did really use the blog on the other web page so we'll see if I can actually motivate to write here again. Since moving to California it's been 6 years with a lot of ups and downs. We moved to Foresthill, then 2 years ago to the flatlands of the... Continue Reading →

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