NEW: TiFighter bars. (If you don’t get the name, go watch Star Wars again.) The Alt-bars that combine what I love about Mustache bars and the original Jones H-bars into one awesome Ti handlebar made to replace drop bars for those with hand/nerve issues, or those looking to tour and have multiple hand positions. Developed to replace the ‘hooded’ position on drop bars with a better pad for your palms, better braking control on downhills while higher up like a MTB, and incredible power transfer to the bike while standing up on hills. Works with trigger or twist shifters and brake levers can be mounted above or below the crossbar. Slight customization is part of the cost, so if you want longer ends to the bars just let me know. If you want more room for a Rohloff twist shifter behind the crossbar, no problem. Shimzilla included in price, shipping anywhere will be added to the total.  $300 plus shipping to anywhere.

Low rise Ti bars! Seen below at 800mm wide, 8 deg backsweep, 3 deg upseeep, 22mm rise. Longer center section to fit Shimzilla. Same cost as double bend Sweeper. Also made in 15 degree backsweep!

For those of you that love sweptback bars but don’t need or want riser bars behold the Meriwether Sweeper bars. Made from 3/2.5 Titanium these flat bars come in most any width and 14, 18, or 24 degree sweep. These are made for those of you that prefer flat bars or have trouble getting your bars low enough in relation to your saddle height. Lots of room along the straight section of the bars to mount accessories and strap bar bags to. ‘Microdot’ added on the centerline of the bar to help center a shim.

The double-bend Sweeper offsets some of the backsweep for those not wanting a shorter reach however only comes in one version with 20 degrees of backsweep (but at any width you want).

Weight = 380g for 800mm double bend. Please contact me before paying using the Paypal link so i can calculate and add shipping:  $175 (single bend), $200 (double bend)


This is not your regular bar shim. This is a 22mm to 31.8mm shim with a 1/8″ porthole to center the shim on the bars as well as indicator lines to center the stem faceplate. These two things make it easier to center the shim on the bar and stem on the shim. Unlike other bar shims there is room to clamp other stuff that need a 31.8mm bar such as a phone mount, GPS, light, bell…etc.  and without plastic adapters or rolling a ton of electrical tape. The shim’s flat section is 3″ (76mm) wide and has 1.5cm on either side of a 46mm faceplate to mount things.

$20 plus shipping (Shimzilla or a Paragon shim included with the purchase of a handlebar. Shims fabricated in northern California.) To order email meriwethercycles at gmail and I’ll calculate shipping and send out ASAP.



Installation tips:

Setting them up with the shim centered is a bit of a pain initially. I spray a little carbogrip inside the shim to help the halves stay in place. First get the shim centered using the peephole and dot, then mark the bar with a thin sharpie along one or both sides of the shim so when you’re rotating the bar inside the shim it doesn’t get off center. Same with the halves of the shim – mark where that two halves / opening should be to match the stem clamp slot when sighting the bar from the side to get it at the angle you want. Then hold the shim in place while tightening up the stem faceplate