For those of you that love sweptback bars but don’t need or want riser bars behold the Meriwether Sweeper bars. (Photo at the top) Made from 3/2.5 Titanium these flat bars come in most any width and 14, 18, or 24 degree sweep. These are made for those of you that prefer flat bars or have trouble getting your bars low enough in relation to your saddle height. Lots of room along the straight section of the bars to mount accessories and strap bar bags to. ‘Microdot’ added on the centerline of the bar to help center a shim.

Double-bend Sweeper with more backsweep than stock at 24 deg.

The double-bend Sweeper offsets some of the backsweep for those not wanting a shorter reach however only comes in one version with 20 degrees of backsweep (but at any width you want).

Weight = 380g for 800mm double bend.

Pricing: single bend $150, double bend $175, low-riser $200

Low rise Ti bars: Seen at 800mm wide, 8 or 12 deg backsweep, 20mm rise. Little upsweep, rotate as desired. These bars offer nice “suspension” compared to bars with a crossbar in the middle. They have a long straight section beside the stem unlike many riser bars (good for strapping bags to or clamping accessories).

To order email meriwethercycles at gmail and I’ll calculate shipping and send out ASAP.