Shimzillas are extra wide 22.2 to 31.8mm handlebar shims that allow mounting of various things on either side of the stem clamp. If you know you know, they’re very useful and may even help with bar strength over the life of the bar. Made by Paragon Machine Works and look just like theirs but with a 3″ wide 31.8mm clamping section. This would also help mounting handlebar cradles by Salsa or Miss Grape to your Ti or steel 22.2mm bars from Oddity, Blacksheep, Surly, Mone’, BTCHN, Meriwether and so on. Material is 6061 Aluminum.

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Our handlebars are made from Grade 9 (3Al-2.5V) seamless Titanium, bent by hand in three styles: flat single bend 18 deg, flat double-bend 20 deg, and a 30mm riser bar with 12 deg of sweep. Requires use of 22.2 to 31.8 shim. (For 25.4 shims please go to TiCycles.) Approximate bar weight: 380g at 800mm wide.

Please go to the Agave Finishworks web store to see what’s available for bars: