FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Meriwether Cycles has created the ultimate trailside safety tool for your bike, hidden in plain sight. It replaces your current headset top-cap, providing easy access to a precision machined pipe, and your weed in a hidden compartment for trailside safety breaks. Machined out of aluminum and stainless steel in Northern California, it... Continue Reading →


Do you have a 22mm Ti or steel handlebar and want to mount your GPS, iphone, light, or other accoutrement on either side of your stem? You need a Shimzilla! Made in the USA by Paragon Machine Works. One side of the shim has a 1/8" hole to spot the centerline of the bar for... Continue Reading →

Nathan’s dirtrop

Nathan went all out on this build! From frame design to finishwork and all parts in between. You can see the amount of effort we all put in for this to be his daily driver and quiver killer. The custom geometry is fit to his body, riding style, and where it'll primarily be ridden. It's... Continue Reading →

Parts for sale

If you need any of these parts email me for stellar pricing. They were part of other builds that fell through or changed after purchasing. ENVE aero road stem 90mm/12-17degree drop

Some pics from Spring

Nathan's dirtdrop in it's new homeland, out meeting the other Meriwether's of AK. Not a bad view...check out the finishwork by Agave too. Matt's allroad heading to Agave for some finishwork, more when it's built up. So much moisture, it's a boom year here New arch spotted, winter up high for awhile longer. Back at... Continue Reading →

tbt 2015: Nicholas’ 29/27.5+

This was one of the more recognizable bikes in the bikepacking world, having been all over the world and being ridden during the creation of the Baja Divide. Also because it’s antique pink and had the first portage handle since the Sam Braxton bikes of the 80’s. Nicholas wrote a great blog about it below.... Continue Reading →

My Instagram account was suspended because it “didn’t follow their community guidelines”… no warning just gone and I have no idea why. The first time I disagreed and someone emailed apologizing for the mistake. The second time they asked for a verification selfie holding a piece of paper with my name, Instagram handle, and a... Continue Reading →

Slow and Sandy…

Dylan wrote up his trip on the Anne Beadell Highway in Australia, a tour that's been in the making for years. I built his frame, fork, and two racks in 2018 before he moved down there and it was by far the biggest endeavor i'd undertaken so I'm happy to see it carried him and... Continue Reading →

Carrie’s 650 gravel bike

Building smaller frames is a challenge and one of the best reasons for people go custom. Seems like most my customers are at the ends of the bell curve on height. For the smaller frames especially standover matters and steepening seat tube angle actually does something more than check that box on the latest trend.... Continue Reading →

Tweaking things around a bit

There's a lot of things you can do to stock bikes to customize the fit and ride. Bike fitters may cringe at this post but I want to provide a list of things you can do to try BEFORE buying a new bike, especially a new custom bike. Bikes from almost any manufacturer are pretty... Continue Reading →

The Portage Handle

In 2015 I befriended Nicholas Carman who had a blog Gypsy by Trade. I loved reading about his bikepacking travels and offered to make him a frame. I could tell he had an interest in custom framebuilding and would be a great ambassador for Meriwether at a time when i was starting out. I offered... Continue Reading →

Kurstin’s longtail fatbike

Kurstin was looking for a longtail fatbike that he could load up and go get lost all over Nevada. The ability to carry a lot of water and food is the main reason certain (crazy) people love longtail fatbikes. There's more storage space, they are stable when loaded up with the long wheelbase, and the... Continue Reading →

TBT 2009: Dela Marin

On the actual Solstice i learned Gravy had shared my 2009 post from the insularly popular Dela Marin that has been going on since 1986. More words and pics at my old blog here! I didn't even realize that old site is still up and active, pretty wild to look back at it, and that's... Continue Reading →

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