FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Meriwether Cycles has created the ultimate trailside safety tool for your bike, hidden in plain sight. It replaces your current headset top-cap, providing easy access to a precision machined pipe, and your weed in a hidden compartment for trailside safety breaks. Machined out of aluminum and stainless steel in Northern California, it weighs only 40g and comes with a short 5mm allen head bolt to use with your existing headset top cap, or a ‘vented’ 4mm allen head bolt for use with the plethora of custom top caps available from Cobra, Bentley, or our own Ti caps found here. For an additional $10 you can get a custom fit thumbscrew for tool-less topcap access to the hidden compartment. For more information and purchase check out the Shop page. For a short explanation there’s a YouTube video here. Available at YouBet! Bicycle Shop in Nevada City if you’re in the neighborhood!

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