That's short for "Old Guy's All-Terrain-Bicycle"...or Old n Grumpy ATB, or Original Gangsta ATB. Being almost 50 now and riding bikes for most of those years I've seen mountain bikes go from my first mountain bike - a 1984 Schwinn High Sierra with bull-moose bars, to what i thought was the peak of engineering with... Continue Reading →

Melissa’s Fatcycle

This fatbike will be really fun to ride. I pushed with normal chainstays here so am "only" using the Specialized Ground Control 4.6" tire on the rear to give some room on the 430mm chainstays.  A Surly Lou 4.8" fits but with not enough room for comfort. Orange Nextie carbon tubeless ready rims, Surly Bud... Continue Reading →

Donny’s 29er

Donny wanted a lifelong bike, something he could rail on from Crested Butte to Chile. He wanted to have a stiff rear triangle for out of the saddle climbing, and a rig to bikepack around South America where he spends a lot of time being a ski guide.  The geometry could take many routes with... Continue Reading →

Sean’s fat road cross tourer

Sean's frame and fork are done! I am not sure what to call this bike, but it's a true all-rounder. I built this frame based off traditional touring geometry with angles of 72/73 (HTA/STA) with a custom fit based on his dimensions and previous bikes he likes.  It fits up to 2.4" tires (he'll be... Continue Reading →

Jacks Alfine belt-drive commuter tourer

This bike has been in the making for awhile because it took me awhile to research all the different aspects of the build.  Many firsts for me - Alfine and a Gates Centertrack belt-drive being the main ones that added some complexity to the frame.  Jack wanted the ultimate commuter for getting to work in... Continue Reading →

Funnest bike I’ve ever ridden

...and i'm definitely not just saying that because I made it 🙂 Some info on the build: XX1 crank, X01 rear derailleur and cassette and shifter, 120/100mm Fox Talas CTD tapered 15QR fork with remote lever to switch between CTD settings (sussy-swanky!), Race Face Turbine 90mm stem, Answer Protaper 20/20 bars, Paul's Love levers with... Continue Reading →

Fatbikes on Donner

These are my two fatbikes. I was going to blab on about how different they are on dirt vs. snow and between eachother on the two mediums, but i decided I need more data. So for now, here are some photos from last weekend's ride up on Donner Pass. I took both bikes up and... Continue Reading →

Fat Sherpa tour

I've always loved how bikes can take you to places you may not go otherwise.  Backcountry skiing is much the same and it's a close second in my genetic makeup.  Combining the two is something I've dabbled in before (spring peak skiing around Brainard Lake, Colorado) but never in winter.  Fatbiking has exploded the possibilities... Continue Reading →

My “road” bike

Ok, its an "all-types-of-road bike" really - for all the riding I do on different types of roads around here plus some trail.  So many new names for this type of bike that it's kinda silly. Reinventing what's already been done, again.  Talk to Bruce Gordon, this style of bike's been around for decades. Tom... Continue Reading →

TimmyP’s frame underway

On to frame #18. I've known TimmyP for right around 12 years. We became friends when I moved up to Ned and began riding trails and dirt roads on the way to work in Boulder and back off the bus home. Those were the days when all we rode were singlespeeds and them were some... Continue Reading →

Bent seat tubes

My next frame is a Knard-sized tire 29er for myself. I don't have the tires yet, so I'm un-patiently waiting for them to arrive like many other people. They're late getting here from...wherever they're made. In the meantime I'm drawing up a frame to build. The Knard, as i posted about a few weeks ago,... Continue Reading →

Frame fitting – weight distribution

I read this quote on the mtbr frameforum one day about fitting bikes to people,  "We move weight over the tires when designing the handling. 50/50 is nice for crit. 65/35 is nice for super D. The shape of the rider can have some influence here. KOPS (knee over pedal spindle) approximates a nice road/pedaling... Continue Reading →

Notes on mtb frame geometry

I've been riding frame #5 for awhile now as my primary bike and have changed forks to a 'free-to-me' 140 carbon Cannondale Lefty set up for a 29er.  It's a totally different experience. I have to say, i don't like how it looks but it's a nice fork going downhill--it's pretty darn smooth. Very little... Continue Reading →


I pretty much sucked at calculus, was ok at algebra, and somewhat good at geometry.  I'm no engineer by any means, i have a Master's in Ecology but no longer use that knowledge other than to explore nature on my own.  I have thought myself to be an engineer at heart - always thinking of... Continue Reading →

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