Funnest bike I’ve ever ridden

…and i’m definitely not just saying that because I made it 🙂


Some info on the build: XX1 crank, X01 rear derailleur and cassette and shifter, 120/100mm Fox Talas CTD tapered 15QR fork with remote lever to switch between CTD settings (sussy-swanky!), Race Face Turbine 90mm stem, Answer Protaper 20/20 bars, Paul’s Love levers with Avid BB7-S’s for the time being (and the upcoming tour with Timmy) as I’m still hesitant to bring hydraulics on a tour. Just my own hangup. Moots Ti post with WTB Pure Ti-railed saddle – my new favorite. Rabbit hole/DT-Swiss 350 with 10mm through bolt rear wheel, 15QR Hope hub Velocity Dually up front and Knards for now, hopefully Vee Rubber or another brand soon…?

I’ve entered the modern world. My first new suspension fork in 8 years. Wow…lots has changed.

The shock makes going downhill SO damn easy it’s silly.  I barely had to steer, not sure that’s a good thing. I had to increase shock pressure to about 130PSI to stop it from bottoming out on the tire, hopefully that’s all i need since I only weigh 165lbs. Geometry is similar to the Krampus but with shorter chainstays (434 effective) and a lower BB height by 1cm (12.5″).  Angles are 69.5 deg head tube with 100mm travel and about 69 when the fork is set to 120mm; 73 effective seat tube angle at 100mm travel. Effective top tube is 24.6″ and a longer than I’m used to front center of 700mm. The bike “swims” (wheel flop) a bit more on steep climbs than my other bike with a 785mm front center and 70deg head tube angle. But this one descends like a maniac, SO much fun!!

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  1. Sweet build. In all honestly, if Meriwether mass produces a bike, that’s the one. Crank them out and they will sell. I’d love one.

  2. wow, that is one beauuuuuuuutiful looking machine! i’m so excited you finally got a suspension fork, yet so bummed as well. i mean, i couldn’t keep up with you on the down stuff when you rode rigid. now? forget about it! HA! no matter, we’re gonna have a blast on the upcoming tour and that bike will totally be in its element!

    1. I’m getting old! And so new school. But really…I’ve had suspension before but not carbon bars and cranks! I’m still scared they’re going to break each ride.

      1. Alright, alright, I can wait. I’m really happy with the Krampus as a big-boned 29er, and I’m happy to have room for a double crank and FD with a 2.4″ tire on 35mm rims. There is lots of room to spare, without looking strange. It may be the perfect hardtail bikepacking 29er for bigger taller folks, or anyone who like tires in excess of 2.3″. Glad to see most modern suspension forks are growing tire clearance. The MRP Stage looks like a nice one too.

        Of course, you’ll have to get your hands on a Bluto, although I’m sure you’ve already got one on the way.

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