Tigging tabbed dropouts

There are several ways to Tig tabbed dropouts but I’ve always wanted to emulate the type of dropout/stay connection found on my Y2K Independent Fabrication cross frame.  It’s a weird type of joinery for me to wrap my head around for some reason. I tried once on my own cross frame with Paul’s horizontal dropouts and it went just OK, but with using tabbed dropouts and larger diameter stays of the straight-gauge 4130 type…it becomes a necessity.  I put out the question to the VS forum since i knew a few people that utilize this method frequent that site.  Thanks especially to Drew and Rody for their help, among others.  Fortunately, I had gathered most of their recommendations by looking at their websites and Flickr photos because by the time anyone responded I had already given it a go.

The biggest thing I learned were that these brand of dropouts may not work the best for this type of design because they have pretty thin tabs (not plate thickness, but the width of the tab).  I don’t make my own dropouts so I’ll be looking for other options or only using this method once and awhile…because it is a time sink.

Here are some fabrication shots to show what I did.  Like they said in the forum said, it’s a difficult process and larger tabbed dropouts would be the call.  That’s why most builders that do this style of attachment make their own dropouts.


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