Robinson Flat

The end of the pavement on Foresthill road is the Robinson Flat campground and two dirt roads going in opposite directions. One leads to Soda Springs/Donner Pass, and the other to Mosquito Ridge road and French Meadows reservoir. The Western States/Tevis Cup trail comes up from Duncan Canyon here in the middle of the two roads, starting in Squaw Valley (it actually keeps going) and ending in Auburn 100 miles later. So much area here to explore and it feels pretty remote being about 1 hr 20 min drive from Auburn. Most just go to Tahoe, it’s closer. But this area has some great trails if you’re up for adding a bit of hiking to your biking as these trails aren’t strictly made-for mountain bike trails.

I went up Soda Springs rd to Red Star Ridge, back on Western States. Not much more than 25 miles and 4k of climbing. Beautiful day but the heat of the summer just drains me!

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    1. oh, and i only get occasional rock flingings off the fork arch, not enough for me to want to make more room (yet). I don’t ride in mud much either so I’m leaving it. With a RH instead of the Dually i’d have a bit more room too so may change back to that front wheel but I am digging tubeless up there. I’m also hoping with the addition of a few more tires to choose from that one may be a bit smaller than the Knard. Yes, smaller! Just by a smidgen.

      1. Smaller, and more tubeless friendly with a tougher casing, and a more aggressive tread pattern. I’m digging the 2.4″ Ardents on 35mm LB and Derby rims, although I’ve already managed to cut a sidewall on these paper-thin skinwalls. I’ve got 2.35″ Schwalbe Hans Dampf tires in the mail. I think Lael gets a 2.25 Nobby Nic in the rear and a 2.4 Ardent up front, with an EXO casing of course. With Schwalbe Snakeskin and Maxxis EXO casings, I don’t worry about tire cuts or spares with these tires, even on a longer tour.

  1. No mods yet, and no dremeling of the crown, but I plan on tuning it so I don’t have to keep 130psi in there to stop it from bottoming out. I’m at about 15% sag. I’ve tested it with gear (15lbs plus 2 water bottles) and i don’t bottom out even on big hits, but I would rather have a bit less travel and have plusher travel. Any recommendations from your time on this fork? I really like the fork so far.

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