Gravel-cross frame

This was my first time using Columbus Life tubing (0.6/0.4/0.6mm wall thickness).  Life is very thin-walled tubing and being new to me it was kinda crazy how easy it is to file, dimple, bend, ding, and ruin. Thinnest I’ve used previously was OX Plat 7/4/7 for a couple of cross bike top tubes.
Lots of firsts on this frame for me: the first time building for a PF30 bottom bracket (I like all that space); first time using Paragon’s canti brake bosses – specifically for Paul Component brakes (no spring tension plate); first time using pre-bent seatstays, but they just didn’t work well for fitting 40mm tires on a 28.6 external butt seat tube. With a 31.8 seat tube they may work better but I’d rather bend my own.  I even bent the Life stays a bit more for the tire but I didn’t go too much more since they are so thin (and expensive) and I was afraid or ruining them.  I’m having trouble figuring out a way to phase s-bend (round) seatstays to fixture for mitering.  I figured out a method using tube blocks on the flat plate and the uber handy angle finder but I’m sure there’s a better way. 
The frame turned out well and is the lightest frame to date at 4lbs.

Ok, some process shots…

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