Funnest bike I’ve ever ridden

...and i'm definitely not just saying that because I made it 🙂 Some info on the build: XX1 crank, X01 rear derailleur and cassette and shifter, 120/100mm Fox Talas CTD tapered 15QR fork with remote lever to switch between CTD settings (sussy-swanky!), Race Face Turbine 90mm stem, Answer Protaper 20/20 bars, Paul's Love levers with... Continue Reading →

Fatbike vs. 29-plus on dirt

Lots of reports recently from Specialized's Colorado press/dealer camp about their new Fatbike the "Fatboy".  Trek too is coming out with one, and Kona too.  Fatbiking is no longer a fringe element my friends, and has quickly become the 'new-29er.'  Now that I say that, it's all so happened a couple years ago really.... Continue Reading →

Knardy knar knar

Brother Wolfe visited the area last weekend and we rode a short local loop a day after he ran a 50k running race. (I'd be in bed had I done that the day before followed by a night at the pub.)  I got to see his Hunter singlespeed and somehow neglected to take a photo... Continue Reading →

Built but not yet ridden

Riding it this weekend, but wanted to post a few shots. A quick word on the Knards and Rabbit Hole rims - The 120tpi Knards are very light for their size. No, i didn't weight them, but people are claiming around 900 grams. I would actually prefer to have the 27tpi version just from the... Continue Reading →

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