29+ Sasquatch gets a new outfit

Knard-newbuildEven though I haven’t ridden a bike in almost FOUR weeks…I’m dreaming of riding this bike when my knees feel like they’re not attached to an 90 year old man. Once i realized that I could fit the Knard 29×3″ tire on a Rabbit Hole rim in my 7-year old Fox F29 fork I had to give it a try for real.  It has almost zero mud or snow clearance, so that should be interesting.  The rear wheel is from my retired frame #13 (blue sparkly frame that’s shown in the Sierra Tour post) and hosts a Speedhub on a Stan’s Flow rim (29mm wide).  The 120tpi Knard mounted right up with Stans in there and has been holding air ever since.  It’s not going to be the best situation for this tire and it looks quite funny but hey, it works.  And I didn’t feel like building up a new wheel until I know that something like what you see above will be my full-time mtb and touring rig.
it fits!
it fits!

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