Sean’s fat road cross tourer

Sean’s frame and fork are done! I am not sure what to call this bike, but it’s a true all-rounder.

I built this frame based off traditional touring geometry with angles of 72/73 (HTA/STA) with a custom fit based on his dimensions and previous bikes he likes.  It fits up to 2.4″ tires (he’ll be running Schwalbe Supermotos = 29 x 2.35″ slicks), full fenders, and panniers. To fit the big tires I used a 73mm BB shell and to get a road-like gearing he’ll be putting on a White Industries road crank that has a huge range of ring sizes that can be used because of their very unique Variable Bolt Circle (VBC) design.  The frame’s got a lower bottom bracket (79mm) drop but not too low so he can still use 33mm cross tires or  40mm “gravel” tires like the Clement X’Plors without scraping pedals.  Paragon low-mount disc dropouts with two eyelets, True Temper tubeset except for the chainstays which are Dedacaai. The fork is Yo Eddy style segmented with a fork rake of 57mm for a trail figure of 54mm or 60mm depending on tire choice. It’ll be a quick responsive ride that will handle front loads well but also be smooth on dirt. It’s got all internal cables and a custom arch for the internal front derailleur cable. The arch was Sean’s idea based on a classic Pegasus frame. It also makes for a sweet rest for shouldering the bike. A challenging build and i love how it came out.

He’s sending it to get a sweet custom paint job that will definitely be the nicest finish on any Meriwether to date.  And to top it off, Sean designed his own headbadge for it that is right in line with the spirit of the brand.

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