Truckee to Nevada City MTB

Matt and I have been trying to meet up on a fatbike ride for a couple years now so I was psyched when he invited me on a 70+ mile dirt ride from Truckee to Nevada City.  He sold his dually for a fatbike and only rides tires wider than 3.8″ now. Although I love my fatbike I cannot stop riding my 29+.  I had also just put on the new Vee Rubber Trax Fatty’s and this ride was to be their maiden voyage.

Jeff did a great write up that I won’t try to better so here is the link

Highlights of the day:
– Donner Lake Rim Trail, it is just awesome.

– Rich, less than 10 miles in, clearing the huge rock rollover by Summit Lake on DLRT. Sick.

– climbing up Signal Peak where Justin and I look up and see a big brown-shaded black bear lope across the trail 50 feet in front of us.

– The descent off Signal from the Lookout was insane, fun, treacherous. Shale sounding like broken glass beneath your tires. It was the kind of over the back of the seat descent where you think multiple times you should stop and walk but it’s probably safer to ride it out. I still went over the bars TWICE.

-Spaulding Lake Trail. Granite. Rushing water. Backcountry-style singletrack.

– older than me dudes just killing it reminding me yet again age can be wrangled. Especially Ralph and Dan from Marin, way to represent The Homeland!

– no flats or major bike issues with anyone’s bike. The Trax Fattys are a solid step up from the Knards. Can’t wait to run them tubeless! Full pics and review soon.

– Pioneer trail. Thats a long long trail of swoopy singletrack. The dust though was insane.

– the end of ride beer, stories, and camaraderie. It was a hard but fun ride, great to share with others.

Thanks to Dan and Matt for organizing it and extending the invite!

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  1. Nice recap, one-of-a-kind rides. Looking to do that Rose to Toads with a buddy who couldn’t make TD2NC… might need a guide.

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