PJMac’s frame progress

I’m 3/4 done building a 29er frame for Paul, mastermind of Cross Propz – portable cyclocross barriers for training rides and practice. Pretty ingenious design where you can literally thrown it on the ground and the bungee cord connected PVC pipe barrier nearly self-assembles itself in seconds.

Paul has been waiting a long time for a frame from me and was one of the first guys to say he wanted one so I’m happy to say he’ll have it just in time for fall in Colorado. He’s getting frame #20, a milestone for me.  The 29er frame is similar to most of my 29ers and what everybody seems to want — slacker head tube angle, short-ish chainstays, more trail, a carvy and more all-mountain handling bike.  This bike will have no front derailleur, Paragon Sliders, and be run as a singlespeed for the most part with the option for 1×10.  It’s got a 69.5 HTA / 72.5 STA, 425mm effective chainstay length, a 43.6″ wheelbase, and a front center of 685mm.  I used a bent downtube from Nova for enough fork crown clearance, a light 8/5/8 OX Plat top tube, OX Plat chainstays, True Temper oversized (44mm) head tube, True Temper seat tube with a sleeve for strength and a cool look. Fits a 2.4″ tire no problem. I think this is his first 29er and his first steel hardtail and I hope he digs it!

He’s putting a sweet new 120mm White Brothers Loop 29 fork on it with tapered steerer and 15mm front axle.  I have the fork in hand and uncut it weighs right around 4.3lbs.   I need to buy one for myself.  The tapered steerer versions of the WB forks come with 49mm offset whereas the straight steerers come with 46mm of offset.  More offset is what I like and look for especially on frames like these with slacker head tube angles.  You also have the option of getting black or white lower legs.  I love options and these guys seem to like to offer options since all forks are made to order.  Located and fabricated in Grand Junction, CO make it even better — US made forks!

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