Heyride’s new frame progress

This will be the 3rd frame for Heyride (Josh).  He's one of my top 'sponsored athletes'. No, i don't have sponsored athletes, just trusting friends that like to ride bikes. This frame is a near duplicate of the frame he has now and has been riding for a year and a half (frame #6).  It's... Continue Reading →

TimmyP’s frame underway

On to frame #18. I've known TimmyP for right around 12 years. We became friends when I moved up to Ned and began riding trails and dirt roads on the way to work in Boulder and back off the bus home. Those were the days when all we rode were singlespeeds and them were some... Continue Reading →

Bent seat tubes

My next frame is a Knard-sized tire 29er for myself. I don't have the tires yet, so I'm un-patiently waiting for them to arrive like many other people. They're late getting here from...wherever they're made. In the meantime I'm drawing up a frame to build. The Knard, as i posted about a few weeks ago,... Continue Reading →

Frame fitting – weight distribution

I read this quote on the mtbr frameforum one day about fitting bikes to people,  "We move weight over the tires when designing the handling. 50/50 is nice for crit. 65/35 is nice for super D. The shape of the rider can have some influence here. KOPS (knee over pedal spindle) approximates a nice road/pedaling... Continue Reading →

Notes on mtb frame geometry

I've been riding frame #5 for awhile now as my primary bike and have changed forks to a 'free-to-me' 140 carbon Cannondale Lefty set up for a 29er.  It's a totally different experience. I have to say, i don't like how it looks but it's a nice fork going downhill--it's pretty darn smooth. Very little... Continue Reading →

Frame #10 done

I haven't posted much on this frame so i'll elaborate a bit on it now that it's done. I have always wanted an "All-rounder" or "monster-cross" frame.  I know some people cringe at seeing the word "monstercross" since it's what some people use to describe a 29er with drop bars, but not sure why or... Continue Reading →

MC#7 – cyclocross frame

I've started the front triangle of a 54cm cross frame (and fork). It's a dead-on copy of the old 'stock' Indy-Fab Planet Cross frame.  I'm of the opinion that they just got it right on these old frames...even for a gorilla like me the 56cm was nearly a perfect fit.  Longer than tall with rather... Continue Reading →

Riding frame 5

Frame 5 geometry is as follows: 29er with 19.5" seat tube length (center to center), 69.5 degree head tube angle, 72 degree seat tube angle, 17.1" chainstays, 24.25" effective top tube length, 27" front-center, 12.4" bottom bracket height (52mm bb drop), and a 44.1" wheelbase. It has my 5-ish year old Fox F29 110mm suspension... Continue Reading →

Frame #6 – another 29er MTB

I've started building frame #6.  It'll be very similar to the last frame - a 19" 29er MTB - but this time with a 44mm head tube from Paragon and shorter chainstays (430mm/17").  I've also shortened the front-center to 685mm but kept the head tube angle at 69 and the seat tube angle at 72... Continue Reading →

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