Bike #2 in the queue: Touring 29er

The next frame design

In the quest for trying out the canon of  bicycle frame designs, or what other framebuilders design and work for them, I’ll be starting out on the frame above – a blatant copy of the Rivendell Bombadil. If you asked me how Grant would design a MTB, i’d have said it’d have these characteristics:

  1. Long chainstays compared to anything else out there in the MTB market
  2. Lots of BB drop (this is an unprecendented 8cm!).  I almost changed this, but had to stick with what Grant knows.  Lower center of gravity for a touring bike is great, not sure how it’ll pull off being a MTB though…i shall find out!
  3. 72 degree ST angle. It’s just what they do. And…
  4. Lots of fork rake. This one goes to 57mm!  That’s 6mm over the Fox suspension fork on the Fisher G2 frames and way over anybody else’s rigid fork specs that I’ve come across for MTBs.

The Bombadil has all those characteristics and takes them to the extreme (at least in some people’s opinions).  A wise man once said that bike geometry is very regional – meaning that what works for one person’s style of riding and frequented terrain does not necessarily work for another person in another region.  Low bottom brackets are great for fire roads and touring with a heavy load, but not necessarily for rocky or rooty singletrack. By spanning the extremes with this, the Fisher G2 style geometry, and a regular Cross bike, I hope to develop my own opinions on what I think works for my style of riding (long cross-country style rides of mixed dirt road and singletrack and long relatively-light off-road tours), and what I think others may like as well.

The seat tube is already mitered, the BB and HT already cut and faced…let’s try to make this frame’s birthdate a little sooner than later!

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