A little at a time

A nearly complete front triangle
Downtube miter, aka. PITA

The front triangle of the new frame is done. Still gotta do the braze-ons and drill the breathe holes but the hardest parts are done.  Last frame I did the double miter junction at the BB on the ST just for something different, and this time I changed back to the downtube.  It was a bit easier but I started out by taking too much off with the disc sander and had to spend a long time filing away to make it perfect – as little light passing through the miter as possible.  This ended up making me have to correct the DT/HT miter since the angle changed once I shortened the tube a couple of millimeters.  So…lesson learned. It’s amazing how fast even a 2nd cut file will take off a mm of steel.  So I say unto thee (mostly me): Go slow, be deliberate, and most of all be patient. Sculpting these miters takes time!

Almost perfect

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