Bike #2 in the queue: Touring 29er

In the quest for trying out the canon of  bicycle frame designs, or what other framebuilders design and work for them, I'll be starting out on the frame above - a blatant copy of the Rivendell Bombadil. If you asked me how Grant would design a MTB, i'd have said it'd have these characteristics: Long... Continue Reading →

2nd Pass

Yesterday, I did a 2nd pass with the pulser and got some good results (for me).  I think it looks pretty good!  I definitely have to work on getting the puddle going faster and moving along the joint but all in time.  The biggest thing with framebuilding I've had to learn is PATIENCE. The more... Continue Reading →

Maiden Voyage

This post is a bit later than reality, but the 1st frame is riding well, seen here on last week's Singletrack Mtn ride. It's definitely pulling to the right a bit so I didn't weld it perfectly straight but hey, what do you expect for a 1st frame.  It was made with Chinese double-butted .9/.6/.9... Continue Reading →

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