Heyride’s new frame progress

This will be the 3rd frame for Heyride (Josh).  He’s one of my top ‘sponsored athletes’. No, i don’t have sponsored athletes, just trusting friends that like to ride bikes.

This frame is a near duplicate of the frame he has now and has been riding for a year and a half (frame #6).  It’s still in relatively fine shape except for the rattlecan orange paintjob that’s faded and chipping.  Also, on his current frame, I didn’t get the rear triangle perfect and any tire larger than a 2.0 gets too close to the left/non-driveside chainstay and will rub when his powerful legs flex the bike when he stands up.  So for this frame, he’ll be able to use a 2.4″ tire of his choice and still have 17″ chainstays with a front derailleur (direct mount) for 3×9.

The geometry is almost identical to what he has now and really digs: It’s a 29er with 69/72.5 HTA/STA, 670 front center, 43″ wheelbase, 17″ actual chainstay length, 87mm trail, and a 12.2″ bottom bracket height.  The ‘other’ specs: it’s ~ a 19″ frame (seat tube center to top) with a 23.7″ effective top tube length, and the frame’s built around a 100mm Rock Shox Reba with 51mm of offset.  I slackened the head tube angle to 69 from 69.5, I shortened up the front center 15mm, and shortened up the seat tube to keep the same standover because the new frame has a bent top tube. Should be a quick handling bike that still rails the downhills and leans itself into corners.

Here are some photos of the build along the way:

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  1. Nice welds and tight miters!
    What chainstays you are using on this one, Dedacciai 29er chainstays?

    1. Good eye! Yes, they are the newer Deda’s. I am using them because I have a few sets but i think these are less desirable than I had previously thought. The bend is just too big IMO (26 deg) for most frames. You can see how far they go inboard on the BB…that’s just so I can clear the outside of the chainstay with the chainrings. But the benefits of these stays is that they’re really beefy and stiff even though they’re so ovalized, and being that far inboard on the BB doesn’t distort the threads while welding and is easier on the BB tap. I’m going to stick with normal S-bend stays (~15 deg) that are easily crimped to clear the tire and chainring/s for shorter stay bikes. Maybe the new Deda’s are great for 16″ chainstay 29ers though, I don’t know yet.

      1. Thanks for the info!
        I too think that the bend is too big in some cases, but they’re beefy.
        I have them for my coming build and the modeling I have done suggest that I need to place them like you have done here. Maybe I should go for shorter than planned 430mm stays, not sure yet though. The chainring clearance is another thing to think about.

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