The Miser

To be totally honest, i almost didn't attempt this build. But since i have a thing for softails I wanted to give it a try. Mike has somehow coerced me into making or modifying a few weird frames over the years that I would likely never have tried on my own (see here & here)... Continue Reading →

The sum of my parts

Thankfully I was able to enjoy some of the endless winter...and what a crazy winter it was! The snow just kept coming down in Tahoe with Sugar Bowl getting almost 800" before closing day. After a couple of months recovering from arthroscopic surgery and hardware removal in December, I started inching my way back into... Continue Reading →

Melissa’s Fatcycle

This fatbike will be really fun to ride. I pushed with normal chainstays here so am "only" using the Specialized Ground Control 4.6" tire on the rear to give some room on the 430mm chainstays.  A Surly Lou 4.8" fits but with not enough room for comfort. Orange Nextie carbon tubeless ready rims, Surly Bud... Continue Reading →

Combo bikes…meh

This is an old post that may or may not reflect my current at your own risk! There was a time when I wanted one bike that would "do it all."  You know what I'm talking about: a bike that can fit fenders with fat tires, run panniers for your tour, has that mystical... Continue Reading →

Elevated chainstay fatbike

Elevated chainstay bikes usually just plain ugly. But they're practical for a few reasons.  They prevent chainsuck and allow for shorter chainstays for a given tire size than on a traditional double-diamond frame without any dimpling/crimping of the tubing.  They are  less stiff laterally at the bottom bracket but especially on a fatbike running 5psi..I... Continue Reading →

Fatbike vs. 29-plus on dirt

Lots of reports recently from Specialized's Colorado press/dealer camp about their new Fatbike the "Fatboy".  Trek too is coming out with one, and Kona too.  Fatbiking is no longer a fringe element my friends, and has quickly become the 'new-29er.'  Now that I say that, it's all so happened a couple years ago really.... Continue Reading →

Winter singletrack on the Rotundsicle

Click this link for some Fatbike singltrack action in the upper reaches around Nederland. Because this trail is so packed down by skiers I was able to get up to over 10,000ft elevation.  A couple others had ridden the trail in previous days but I couldn't tell. There was some new snow over night and it... Continue Reading →

First fatbike race at Copper Mtn

In an effort to R&D my own bikes, I took it upon myself to race the first of 4 races of the Leadville Winter Mountain Bike race series.  [Here's my other blogpost about it (yes, i have two blogs, that one I've had for awhile, this site is more for the framebuilding thingy than anything... Continue Reading →

Fatbike impressions

With only 4 rides on my fatbike, I've realized it's like no other bike you can imagine. I've had to learn to ride a bike again. On snow, you have to minimize sudden movements and steering stability is premium if you want to stay vertical.  It is SO easy to wash out these tires, they... Continue Reading →

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