The Choad’s almost done!

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Yesterday, I slotted and mitered the 19mm True Temper S-bend seat stays.  These are expensive pieces of steel! Luckily i only went through 1 extra one to get it right! hah. I mitered the stays for the seat tube by hand (with 12″ half-round file) and made them fit pretty tight if I do say so myself.  The one thing I messed up on this frame is the seat post sleeve. The spliced tube looks cool, and was easy to fixture (it just stayed there by itself), but with the seat stays so close to the edge of the sleeve, the tig weld just burned through that edge.  I fixed it fine but it’s not as pretty as I hoped. Note to self, use a full sleeve or a half-round sleeve that comes nowhere near the mitered tube’s edge…or no sleeve at all.

The frame is all welded and just needs some finish work before paint. I still need to braze the seat tube collar and then do some filing to finish up the fillets all nice. Oh, and reaming/facing the head tube and seat tube, and somehow painting it Rustoleum primer brown. I’ll finish it today and send on town to D-town possibly tomorrow.

No NAHBS this year for me after all. With the new puppy Izzy shredding every toy in sight and needing exercise every hour, this bike to finish before the snow stops falling, and having more ranch chores than Mrs. Meriwether can do all by her lonesome, I decided to stay put. Looks like it’d have been a great show to attend, lots of old-schoolers giving seminars today, like two of my favorites – Steve Potts and Kent Eriksen.  Next year I’ll have to go and experience the scene. It has a lot of good (and…well…silly stuff too IMO) but I still want to go and at least goto the seminars and learn from the best!

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