More pics of T’s Choad…

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After soaking off the flux in the bathtub overnight, blowing out the water inside and out with the air compressor, using 80grit emery cloth and a wire wheel in a drill to clean up the surface rust that developed overnight on the tubes, and then 2 hours of filing…this is where I’m at.

I checked rear wheel spacing and it looks just like I wanted and drew out — about 1cm on each side of the tire.  The seat stays are being hand filed/mitered tonight and will hopefully be tacked in place by the weekend where I can then put it all together with the small downtube braces/bridges and the final seat stay bridge.  Tripper didn’t want any brazeons and just wants to zip-tie the rear derailleur and brake cable onto the twin downtubes, so it’ll look pretty clean.  Internal cable routing for hydraulic brakes…? I’m sure it’s not too hard but i worry about rattling and ease of maintenance.


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