Best welds yet on this 1.5mm tubing, time to move up to the thinner tubing me thinks.  Next, I have some 4130 .9/.6/.9mm tubing to practice on before actually building my real first frame.  The top one was done with the pulser on, the bottom one welding at 58 amps and no pulser.  The pulser weld obviously looks better and more like the classic stacked coin TIG weld but it’s also easier to weld with the pulser.

Z is for Zara

I have the Hank James “Access 65” jig on order so things are moving along.  I’m already getting tool envy though. First I want a bigger mill already. And I wish I could afford to invest in all Anvil fixtures.  Damn, the best always costs the most!  Granted, I’m just starting out and have nowhere near the experience & expertise, but the tool-handicap really becomes obvious when I see the bigger small framebuilder’s shops, like Soulcraft.  Beautiful, Sean!

Soulcraft Shop photo - swiped from website


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